A letter from James Woodard to our Seniors

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Your graduation from Morgan County Charter School System represents a great milestone in your life.  You should be proud of this recognition and your accomplishments.  While being proud, you should also be grateful for the level of support and encouragement you have received from your family, friends, teachers, and especially the Morgan County community.

Now that you are a Morgan County High School Alumnus, you enter into the next chapter of your life.  This phase will include the opportunity to own your learning plan.  Your career path has begun and you will be transitioning yourself into the professional employee expected in today’s economy.  I trust that the KASH (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Habits) themes will make a positive difference in your future career endeavors.

The ownership of your future learning plan will lead to a life of being a productive member of society.  As a member of society you will become a future earner.  Earning wages for what you are passionate about will lead to individual purpose. Along with this purpose will come a responsibility of service.  You will create a life of independence which allows you to create a life of service to assist those who are less fortunate. As you proceed forward with your life, always remember your responsibility for service.  Whether you serve as a volunteer, chaperone, mentor or sponsor make a point to make the difference in the life of a young person through education.

And finally, I challenge you to personally reach out and say “Thank You.”  Express your gratitude for the people in your life who have supported you through your past 13 years of formal education.  Your family has been foundational to your success. Please express your appreciation to the administration, teachers and staff of ALL of your schools.  Teachers in  grades pre-k through 12th have all played a critical role in your success.  Send a card of appreciation, call, or make a personal visit to express your “Thanks” for the positive difference they made in your life.

Again, I wish you success.  Always practice the professional skills you have been taught and remember to give a good firm handshake and make good eye contact.  The little things in life will help set the foundation for your greatness!

Congratulations on your graduation from Morgan County Charter School System.


James R. Woodard, Superintendent

Morgan County Charter School System

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