A letter from Principal Miki Edwards to The Class Of 2017

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MCHS New Principal_Miki St. John Edwards

Go Dogs!  As we reach the season of graduation for our 2017 seniors, there are many thoughts about the closing of one chapter and the opening of others that are before this class.  Class of 2017, as Morgan County High School students, you have heard and shouted, “Go Dogs!” over the years to cheer on your fellow students.  You have shared school pride, made memories – both happy and sad, and celebrated personal and school-wide victories.

It is now time for our school community to say to you, “Go, Dogs!”

Go, Dogs!  Go and seek out your future.  Use the tools that you have been given by your families and teachers to prepare you for what lies ahead.  Morgan County is a special place where you have enjoyed the unique combination of a small, close-knit community with many  opportunities for you to experience and to grow.

Go, Dogs! Go and contribute.  Whether you are going straight into the career world, entering the military, or starting college, use what you learn and who you are to change our world for the better. You are equipped in your heart and your head to do just that.

Go, Dogs! Go and represent.  Be a person who makes your community, family and yourself proud. Represent who YOU are and where you come from well.

Go, Dogs!  Go and be and become your best you.  This year, we asked, “Who are You?”.  Now is your time to broaden the answer to that question and to continue to develop the person you want to be.  Learn all that you can.  Experience all that you can.  Continue to grow and to stretch yourself.

Go, Dogs! Go and know that we are cheering you on to achieve your potential.  This school community has had the privilege of watching most of you grow and learn over the past four years.  We are excited to see what the future holds for each of you and will be continuing to encourage and cheer you on from right here at your MCHS home.

Go, Dogs! Go, but always remember Morgan County High School.  One day, these will be your “good old days.”  You leave here with memories, knowledge, relationships, and experiences that are unique to you and this community.  Treasure them!

It has been our honor to have shared this important and precious time of your life.

Go, Dogs!

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