Remembering Michael

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A Poem  by Michael Rhodes

I was raised by a family

A competition every game night

A new story for every campfire

A new car game for every road trip

“Are we there yet?”

I was raised by sports

A football game every Friday

Tailgates every Saturday

Wrestling tournament every weekend

“Who does UGA play this week?”

I was raised by


A camping trip every fall break

A beach trip every summer

Long drives to go snowboard

“I can’t wait till we get there.”

I was raised by


Opening one

present the night before Christmas

Playing board games every Sunday after church

A fun ride to

Stanford Stadium for every Georgia game

“What time are we leaving for the game?”

I was raised by


A new sport even if you didn’t know what to do

Practicing every day to get better

Going to sleep

thinking about how to make yourself better

“Practice makes perfect.”

I was raised.

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