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Madison Police Department

On June 10, a forgery in the First Degree was filed at the McDonald’s Restaurant on Eatonton Road in Madison. According to the reports, the clerk working at McDonald’s stated that a man used a counterfeit $50 bill at the drive through window to try and pay for his meal. When the clerk realized the bill as a counterfeit, the subject left the scene. The clerk also told the police that on June 10 another unknown subject used a counterfeit $20 note. No arrests have been made at this time.

On June 7, a counterfeit in the First Degree was filed at Security Finance in Madison on Eatonton Road. According to reports, the assistant manager at the company reported that a woman came in to make a payment with a counterfeit $100 bill. The bill was determined to be a fake at the scene and the woman alleged she received the bill from her nephew and retrieved another method of payment. The bill was handed over to city police as evidence. No arrests have been made at this time. 

On June 6, a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Bramblewood Drive residence. According to reports, a man said an unknown person entered the rear unsecured bed of his black 1999 Chevrolet truck and stole his brand new red Echo weed trimmer. The value of the weed trimmer amounted to $250. 

On June 8, a forgery in the First Degree was filed at a Pilot Truck Stop on Eatonton Road in Madison. According to reports, a male customer contacted city police to report that the station rejected his $50 bill that he acquired from South State Bank in Habersham County. City Police confirmed the bill was counterfeit. There were no red or blue security threads located on the currency and it was clearly printed on white paper, stated reports. City police confiscated the counterfeit bill and provided the customer with an evidence receipt. 

On June 7, a theft by taking complaint at McDonald’s on Eatonton Road in Madison was filed by the owner. According to reports, the owner told city police that on May 15 he discovered the restaurant’s safe contained $110 over the deposits. He instructed the manager to deposit the extra money in accordance to McDonald’s policy. But on June 7, the owner discovered through an audit that money had never been deposited and was missing from the safe. The owner informed police he would review security footage and submit any evidence to city authorities. 

On June 2, a battery complaint was filed at a Bramblewood Drive residence in Madison. According to reports, a woman alleged she had been punched repeatedly by another woman after meeting with her to discuss replacing a cell phone. The assaulted woman had spilled water on the other woman’s cell phone at an earlier date, stated reports. The woman alleged that after she exited the car, the other woman began punching her with a closed fist in the back of the head and on the left shoulder. She also claimed the woman threw her to the ground where she sustained superficial injuries. The victim’s mother told authorities she drove her daughter to the Bramblewood Drive residence and when her daughter got out of the car, the other woman attacked her. The mother separated the two women and left the scene to report the incident to city police.

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

On June 3, a destruction of private property complaint was filed at a Buckhead residence on Arabian Way. According to reports, a couple reported their mailbox had been damaged and ripped from its post. They told police there is a history of mailboxes being damaged in their neighborhood, especially on Swords Trail Road, which is adjacent to Arabian Way. Officer Christopher Lash noted that the damage indicated a long, blunt object was used in a striking fashion across the top. The damage cost the couple about $50 dollars to repair. No suspects were identified. 

On June 7, Brian E. Collins, 29, of Buckhead was arrested for drug possession and use at a residence on Cleveland Avenue in Buckhead. According to reports, County police responded to a domestic dispute in which a woman refused to give Collins “an item” that belonged to him and scratched him when he attempted to take it back by grabbing her arms and placing her in a bear hug. However, when county police spoke to the woman, she told authorities that the item in her hands was Collins’ marijuana. The woman told police that once Collins retrieved the drugs he ran into the woods to hide it from police. The woman denied scratching Collins, showing police that her fingernails were not even long enough to inflict scratches. County police also observed a marijuana plant growing under a bench in a shed on the property. Police recovered two ounces of a “green leafy substance that looked and smelled like marijuana” and a small glass jar filled with the “the same substance” from a purse found in the woods. The purse also contained a blue bong and a blue pipe. Collins told police all the items recovered belonged to him. Police also pulled the marijuana plant from the ground. Collins has been charged with possession and use of drug related objects and possession of a schedule I controlled substance. 

On June 7, a theft was reported at a Mansfield residence on Estes Road. According to reports, a man reported a firearm was stolen out of his vehicle parked on his property. The black Kel-Tec KSG 12-guarge shotgun and box of ammo were left on the passenger seat the night before and were gone when the man went to his truck that morning. The man told police he usually takes his weapon inside but had forgotten and left his truck unlocked. Police did not observe any signs of forced entry into the vehicle. The shotgun and ammo were worth a total of $970.00. The report has been forwarded to the Morgan County Criminal Investigation Division for further investigation. 

On  June 7, an information report was filed at a Cleveland Road residence in Madison. According to reports, a woman alleged she had a verbal dispute with a female subject residing at her residence. The woman told police that the female subject was being abusive to her and other house members after she was recently released from the Morgan County Detention Center. The female subject denied the accusations and countered that the woman had yelled at her that morning for not waking up early enough to retrieve her car from the City of Madison impound.  No criminal action was filed, but all parties were instructed on the eviction process and recourse through the Magistrate Court. 

On June 7, an information report was filed at the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office. According to reports, a woman reported her VISA credit card information was being used to make unauthorized purchases. She discovered the purchases after her card was declined. Bank of America informed the woman that two back-to-back online purchases were made with the card, one from American Vet Pharmaceuticals and one from Pet Supply for a total of just over $150. One purchase was shipped to North Carolina, and the other was shipped to Massachusetts. 

On June 8, Joshua Bowker, 24, of Bethlehem, was arrested after leaving the scene of a car wreck on Bethany Church Road. He is being charged with Driving Under the Influence and possession of open alcohol container. According to reports, Bowker allegedly hit the rear of another vehicle traveling on Bethany Church. Bowker allegedly stopped along with the other vehicle to check the damage incurred, but when the other drivers called the police, Bowker got back in his car and fled the scene, hitting the other car again as he drove off. 

County police found Bowker sitting on the railroad tracks at the intersection of Seven Islands Road and Glades Road. According to reports, Bowker told police he had been drinking before leaving his army base and bought a bottle of whiskey while en route to his home in Barrow County. Bowker claimed he only left the scene of the accident because the other driver had told him he was okay and no damage had been sustained to either cars. According to reports, Bowker’s speech was severely slurred while speaking to police. Bowker agreed to a blood test and was arrested. Police recovered an open bottle of Seagram’s Seven from the passenger front floor of Bowker’s car. Bowker was transferred to the Morgan County Detention Center for booking. 

On June 7, an information report for suspicious behavior was filed at Rutledge residence on Nunnally Street. According to reports, a man contacted authorities after witnessing a neighbor fire a weapon inside his own dog pens. Reports state that the neighbor witnessed a young female, approximately 10-years-old, yelling in the yard. An older male then walked toward the dog pens carrying a pistol that was silver in color, according to the neighbor. A younger male, approximately 15-years-old, grabbed the younger female and made her go inside the house. The man who reported the incident heard one shot fired but did not see if a dog had been shot. Officer Dustin Mines attempted to make contact with the tenants at the property with the dog pens but no one was home. According to reports, the officers canvassed the area and did not observe any shell casings or blood where the dog pens were and observed one pit bull inside. 

On June 9, an information report was filed for a possible road rage incident. According to reports, a couple driving west bound on I-20 reported to authorities that a female driving next to them as they merged onto the highway threw something at the rear door of their vehicle as she passed. The woman was driving a silver 2015 Chevy Equinox from Marietta.

On June 9, Kenneth Edward Golphin, 30, of Decatur, was arrested for an active probation warrant. Officer Timothy Ryan spotted Golphin driving a red Yamaha four-wheeler along Old Mill Road. Ryan instructed Golphin to keep off the road and discovered the outstanding warrant from Henry County when the Morgan County Dispatch ran Golphin’s information through the GCIC and NCIC. Golphin was transported to the Morgan County jail without incident. 

On June 10, Johnny Dwight Atwater, was arrested for probation warrant. According to reports, Atwater made contact with Madison City Police on foot while being intoxicated on Sandy Creek Road. Dispatch discovered Atwater had an active warrant for probation violation out of Morgan County. Morgan County Officer Timothy Saye arrived at the scene, arresting Atwater and transporting him to Morgan Count Jail. 

On June 10, a simple battery complaint was filed at a residence on Eatonton Road in Madison. A man called the police after a woman refused to leave his residence. The man alleged that the woman put her hands in his face and pushed him. The man said he grabbed her wrists to get her off of him and told her to stay away from him. The man alleged that the woman threated to have someone “shoot up his stuff.” The woman alleged that the man was the one who was “standing in her space” so she pushed him to get him away from her. The man claimed the woman became jealous after he received a text from another woman. He told police the woman was not his girlfriend but that they were “friends with benefits.” The two only knew each other for a couple of weeks and the man did not know the woman’s last name. Neither party had marks on them and neither party wished to press charges at first, but changed their minds later on. The woman requested a report and was issued a trespass notice. Both subjects were informed of the warrant process, stated reports. 

On June 9, a simple battery complained was filed at a residence in Rutledge. According to reports, a screaming match between a man and woman developed over the front door left open with the air conditioning on. The man alleged that the woman spat in his face after he insulted her during the argument and that he spat back at her. The woman admitted to swinging at the man and hitting him on the back of the shoulder. The man and his son both repeatedly told the woman to leave the property. The man and woman then spit on each other for a second time. The man alleged the woman then hit him on the face and neck. A witness at the house told police she saw them spit at each other and saw the woman hit the man around the face and neck area. The woman alleged that the man came home screaming at her over the open front door and spit on her four times without provocation. The woman admitted to police that she hit the man on the shoulder after the fourth spitting occurred. The woman told police she was only at the residence to collect her belongings and her hands were too full to shut the door as she loaded her vehicle. Neither party opted to press charges and the officer at the scene could not determine who was the primary aggressor. 

On June 10, an information report was filed after a woman gave her car to her son’s boyfriend after they had a physical altercation the night before. Even though the woman gave the man permission to take the car, the woman claimed he had been drinking before driving it. She wanted to make a report in the event that the vehicle was involved in an accident so it would not come on her and her family. 

On June 11, a report filed for criminal damage to property and failure to report striking fixed object was filed near Thankful Church Road in Madison after a possible motor vehicle accident. 

Oh June 12, James Dean Thompson, 26, was arrested for an outstanding warrants in Morgan County. Thompson turned himself in to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office and was turned over the jail staff without incident.

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