Police want to know: Who’s robbing Clack Road

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor

Two thefts on Clack Road reported earlier this month are the latest in a string of burglaries in the area that authorities believe may be connected.

Since October 2016, five incidents of burglary and/or theft have been reported on Clack Road, and one on Brownwood Road.

“We have had several cases of these thefts up and down Clack Road and the Brownwood area recently,” said Morgan County Sheriff Robert Markley.  “We’re working on it just as hard as we can to identify who is involved in and to try and catch them.”

Two burglaries were reported most recently on June 6, when a 2000 Ford Pickup truck went missing from Mac White Concrete on Brownwood Road in Madison. The truck was found nearby on the backend of a property on Clack Road that was burglarized the same day. Reports indicate that a Polaris Ranger vehicle was missing from the residence on Clack Road, along with a lawn mower, a black trailer, several tools, lawn equipment, and a few 5-gallon gas cans. Captain Christopher Bish believes whoever stole the truck from Mac White Concrete intended to use it to load stolen goods from the residence on Clack Road, but abandoned the truck after discovering the Polaris and trailer on the property.

“It’s a frustrating case,” said Bish.  “We are not sure if all the burglaries since October are connected, but we are seeing a pattern on Clack Road that is concerning.”

Back in October of 2016, two John Deere Gators were stolen from residences on Clack Road within two days of each other. Another burglary/theft was reported on December 4 of 2016, and then another on May 9, 2017. According to Bish, mainly lawn mowers, yard equipment, and four wheelers have been stolen from residents’ barns, sheds, and yards.

“Most likely, there are people scoping out this road during the day and then returning at night to steal what they can,” said Bish. He warned local residents to be on the lookout for any suspicious individuals posing as salesmen, lost drivers, or unusual vehicles lurking in driveways. Bish encourages residents to lock their gates and secure their property, as well as keep record of all serial numbers for their property.

“We need citizens to alert of us if they see anything out of the ordinary so we can put a stop to this,” said Bish.

So far, none of the stolen property from any of the Clack Road residences has been recovered. Only the truck taken from Mac White Concrete has been found. Though a $700 Honda Power Stroke generator was missing from the vehicle after it was found.

Morgan County officers are reviewing the evidence in connection to the burglaries, which includes security footage that captured the missing Polaris driving off with the rest of the stolen goods from the June 6 incident. According to the incident report, “At 3:28 a.m., this morning, the Polaris is seen exiting the property with a trailer attached.  The zero-turn lawn mower can be seen being loaded in the trailer.  Shortly after the video being, a slender white male, with what appears to be a shirt wrapped around his head, is seen running up to the passenger side of the Polaris and getting inside. The Polaris then backs up and appears to wait for a vehicle to pass on the main road.  The Polaris and trailer is then seen leaving the property and turning south onto Clack Road.”

While these cases are being investigated further, county police have stepped out patrolling and surveillance on Clack Road.

“The citizens are concerned, as are we,” said Bish. “Just one burglary is one too many…We ask the public to contact us immediately if they see something suspicious or learn of any information regarding this case.”

If you have information about any of these burglaries, contact the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office at (706) 342-1507.

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