Reduce-Reuse-Repurpose Exhibit on display at James Madison

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Photo Jun 29, 12 33 36 PM

By Vivian Hodges

staff writer

The Madison Artist Guild (MAG) is featuring a new display show this summer called Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, which showcases the creativity of artists who have revamped pieces of trash into pieces of art. The Artist Guild is partnering with the James Madison Inn on this project, showcasing their pieces in the downstairs Oak Room. The themed show they have at least twice a year in the James Madison Inn is a great success, according to MAG staff. The artist’s work is up for sale for six months in the Breakfast area of the James Madison Inn, capturing the attention of guest staying at the hotel. With the several artists is this themed show, there were all kinds of different “trashed” materials being brought to life. A member of the Madison Artist Guild and an artist in the show, Karen Strelecki states the importance of the exhibit, “I never met a discarded item I didn’t think had potential to become more than a piece of trash.”

Dottie Kurtz-felted wool, old sweaters, vintage crochet, broken China and tile, beads, buttons.
Don Bundrick-reclaimed wood, old shot-up dryer door, bullets, recycled wood, old mirror.
Gary Adams-dumpster wood, soda, and beer cans.
Louise Lauderdale-vintage jewelry, fabrics, wood, old ceiling tin and bread board.
Pam Baxter-old keys, buttons, vintage clipboard, ephemera, mailbox.
Felicia Kautz-seashells
Karen Strelecki-old cabinet and wooden box, vintage ceramics, book, and collectibles.
Jackie Kelly-magazines, newspaper, wood.
Elizabeth Collins-clay, metal, wood, glass, broken heater, string, driftwood, nuts.
Becky Bundrick-200 year-old barn wood, vintage corrugated tin roofing.
Mararet Agner-recycled blue jeans, twine, clothes pins, cheese box, paint brushes.

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