Band Camp is Back

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By: Tia Lynn Ivy IMG_2143

The Morgan County High School (MCHS) band is training for the upcoming school year with a musical boot camp this week. 

According to Jeffrey Rowser, band director for MCHS, this year’s band is comprised of 145 students in the marching band and an additional 35 students who do not march due to their participation in fall sports. 

“The band members are working 13-hour days during camp for six days and I mean we are really working,” said Rowser.  “We have taken on the professional visual consultant, Hobie Pleski, of Argonne Productions to set the staging and I have even solicited my oldest daughter, Kayla Rowser, a professional dancer with the world acclaimed Nashville Ballet Company, to teach choreography dance movement with our colorguard.”  

According to Rowser, the band is going all out this year and is planning to bring some culture to their routine. 

“Our theme is music from the famous music composer George Gershwin. We are learning music from the famous movie “An American in Paris.”  Our show will take on a little French culture and we hope to even have an Eiffel Tower,” said Rowser. 

Band camp week is a trying exercise for students, but by the end, they are fully immersed in the music and routine for the coming performance season. 

“My band parents and student band managers work hard to keep everyone hydrated and comforted as needed, with water, Gatorade, and even fruit during the breaks,” explained Rowser.  “The breaks are short and fun, cause our job is to be ready.  We believe you get ready rehearsing, not breaking.”

Rowser is excited for the coming season, believing band offers the best benefits extracurricular activities can offer. 

“Band is the absolute best team activity offer in school, where everyone belongs.  Everyone performs every game,” said Rowser. “I’m very excited to share my 37th year of teaching with these amazingly dedicated students.”

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