Molestation charges filed by GBI

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By Patrick Yost


The GBI arrested a 71–year–old Buckhead man on one count of child molestation last week.

According to Special Agent In Charge Joe Wooten, GBI, Jerry Dean Thompson was arrested at the Morgan County Detention Center on July 11 for child molestation after he had spoken to investigators. Thompson reports state, bailed out of the Morgan County Detention Center on a $15,000 bail on July 14, three days after his arrest.

Wooten said the GBI was contacted by Morgan County Sheriff’s Office investigators regarding an allegation of child molestation against Dean. He said GBI investigators are continuing to investigate the allegation.

“This case is still under investigation,” Wooten said. “The case agent is consulting with the district attorney’s office regarding the possibility of additional charges.”

A warrant issued for Thompson’s arrest alleges that Thompson did “an immoral an indecent act within the presence of any child under 16–years of age…”

Wooten said investigators said the allegation of suspected child molestation initiated with a complaint that allegedly occurred in 2012.

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