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Pedestrian Flags edit

By Vivian Hodges


If you’ve been driving downtown this week, you have most likely seen the brand new, bright, orange-colored flags placed at crosswalks all over Madison, and citizens waving them as they cross the street.

This new method of safety is just another way the City of Madison is looking to improve the daily lives of citizens and tourists across town.

According to City Manager David Nunn, The flags are “a low-tech, low-cost method by which pedestrians may be more visible to oncoming cars and trucks. Their purpose is simply to make crosswalks as safe as possible for pedestrians.”

The City of Madison staff gleaned the idea for the crosswalk flags from multiple towns and cities across the U.S. Citizens of Madison who have visited other towns with these kind of flags suggested Madison follow suit.

“Feedback so far has been extremely positive,” said Nunn, “I have indeed witnessed the public using the flags as late as today.”

Not only are the flags bright orange to bring attention to drivers in the daytime, but they are also equipped with a highly reflective stripe that should be very visible to oncoming headlights during the night.”

“We also ask the public to help us by keeping the flags distributed equally from one side of the street to the other.  In other words, if all of the flags are on one side of the street please carry roughly half of the flags to the other side for the next pedestrians wishing to cross.”

The crosswalk flags have been a great improvement to both citizens and tourist safety as Nunn states, “The city of Madison is continuously searching for improvements and ideas that will make Madison a safer environment for residents and visitors. “

“We ask that pedestrians use the designated crosswalks, use the crosswalks flags, and remain vigilant for vehicles approaching the crosswalk.”
“More than ever drivers are distracted and may not see pedestrians within the crosswalk.”

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