Fake shooting scrambles police

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By Patrick Yost


Several law enforcement agencies scrambled to what turned out to be a fake emergency on Double Bridges Road last Thursday morning.

According to Capt. Chris Bish, Investigations Division, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, Morgan County Dispatch received a phone call at approximately 2:52 a.m. from a man who claimed he had been fighting with his mother and he had shot his mother and would “shoot any law enforcement officers that came to the residence…”

Bish said authorities were able to determine an address based on the call and then, while organizing a response, were able to generate several phone numbers of relatives of the family.

After units from the Georgia State Patrol, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, Madison Police Department and surrounding county law enforcement agencies scrambled to establish a perimeter around the residence, Bish said officers were able to contact the mother via telephone. The mother reported that everything was fine.

Authorities cleared the house. Reports state that the woman said she and her son had argued earlier but that “everything was fine.”

Bish said authorities are currently attempting to track the origin of the initial call to prosecute the caller. He said hoax phone calls put both civilians and law enforcement officers in danger. “The issue is it generates a tremendous response from first responding agencies,” he said.

“All these people are being unnecessarily called out.”

Bish said authorities are taking the hoax call seriously.

“We have a suspect,” he said.

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