Bizz Buzz: Eclipsing our way into a new season

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By Dianne Yost

staff writer

Momma and I are still reelin’ from the absolutely fabulous 2017 Solar Eclipse! Honey the lights turned on in Town Park at 2:30 in the ding dang afternoon!

And, that’s not the only thing that turned on! I’m talkin’ all ‘bout the huge shift in the entire universe! I know you felt it too!

That means we’re headin’ down a whole new path, so y’all hold onto to your knickers and enjoy the ride!

And, speakin’ of changes, honey sometimes a little change of menu is in order and you’ll find it at Madison’s super famous Madison Drug located at 213 North Main.

They are flat ratcheting it up a notch y’all and I mean it’s gonna be Delicious with a capital D! Ok so here’s the what what: Each Wednesday, Madison Drug is offerin’ up a bona fied Blue Plate Special for lunch! It kicked off this Wednesday with pork chops or fried chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, turnip greens, mac and cheese, peach cobbler and wait for it . . . cornbread!

Ding dang! Now that’s a Blue Plate Special if there ever was one and honey it’s only $8.75 plus tax per person or $6.75 plus tax for veggies only!

Y’all get your bowhonkers over there on Wednesday and check it all out! Tell em the Biz Buzz sent ya! Attention all farm lovers and all who dig the garden! This is for you! Laura Rotroff of Farmview Market located at 2610 Eatonton Road in Madison wanted me to let all y’all know that there’s gonna be a tour of Rock House Creamery and Garden come Saturday, September 9 from 10 a.m. til 12 p.m. I flat LOVE it! Ok so in case y’all don’t know, Rock House Creamery, owned by Keith Kelly who founded Farmview Market, bought the former Johnston family dairy and farm in Newborn, Ga., to carry on a 75 year tradition of locally produced dairy products. Now it’s called Rock House Creamery and honey you can get the freshest, lip-smackin’-good milk and dairy products in the entire world and that is not an exaggeration!

Far from it! You’ll know what I mean when you sip some of that homegrown chocolate milk! It is stop-the-tractor delish!

Oh but I digress!

So on this tour we’re gonna be able to actually meet the dairy cows and see how the entire cow to bottle process works!

Plus there will be a fabulous tour of the gardens and the cool people who make the magic of locally grown vegetables happen! I flat cannot wait! Tickets are $12 for one or $40 for four tickets! Meet at Farmview Market on Sept. 9 at 9:45 a.m. and caravan to the Creamery! Right so y’all can get your tickets online at and click on Classes and Events. It will take you right to it . . . Plus you can check out all the other cool workshops and events on the schedule! Check it all out y’all and I’ll see you at Rock House Creamery!

Is the earth movin’ faster and faster around the sun?

Yes! Y’all time is movin’ faster than a shoppin’ fool can spend her handsome husband’s money! Now that is fast!

Anyhow it’s just about time for the 13th Annual Downtown Chili Cook-off and official CASI Georgia State Championship Chili Cook-off! It’s all goin’ down October 7 in beautiful Town Park in Madison! The City of Madison’s Colleen Hall says y’all need to hurry up and register to cook! Just beware: Hot Off The Presses is flat competin’ again and we’re aimin’ to win the whole shebang! Ok so this is gonna be the best Chili Cook-off EVER with fun live music, activities that will make the little ones as happy as a pig in mud and a marketplace that Colleen says is gonna be loaded with shoppin’ opportunities like locally grown and produced delicious veggies and other food products, fabulous handcrafted wares created by our regional artists and a big selection of regional food offerings!

That famous elf just told me this festival is gonna Magically Delicious!

If you want to sign up to compete in the Chili Cook-Off you need to pick up an application at City Hall or better yet visit and under

Coming Up Next click on the Chili Cook-off. You can download your application there!

Golly gee willikers y’all! I pert near forgot! The famous Tommy Talton will be performin’ in the Rutledge Summer Concert Series at the Rutledge Gazebo this Friday from 7 p.m. til 9 p.m.! Yes, I’m talkin’ ‘bout the same Tommy Talton who performed with The Allman Brothers, James Taylor and other super famous artists! You don’t want to miss this one!

Outta space. Outta time. I told y’all it was speedin’ up! But hold on ‘cause next week will be here before you know it! Y’all be sweet, hug your momma and daddy and be grateful you live in beautiful Morgan County!

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