Dogs register for NCAA Clearing House

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By R. Alan Richardson

sports editor

So, you want to be a college student-athlete.  What should you do to ensure that you are eligible to participate at the next level in Division I or II athletics?  It’s pretty simple.  The first step is to register with the NCAA Clearinghouse, now called the NCAA Eligibility Center.

What is the NCAA Clearinghouse?  According to their website, the NCAA Clearinghouse is an essential step in becoming eligible to play college sports. Over 180,000 potential college athletes register with the NCAA every year.  If you want to play NCAA college sports and receive a scholarship at the DI or DII level, you will need to register and be cleared by the NCAA. The Eligibility Center is the organization within the NCAA that determines the academic eligibility and amateur status for all NCAA DI and DII athletes.

Morgan’s coaching staff, under the direction of Coach Aubrey Fortson, takes it upon them to make sure that all student-athletes are given that opportunity under the guidance of supervising adults.  Fortson and Morgan County High School Counselor Erica Finley held a workshop for senior football players to take care of the paperwork and details of registering with the Eligibility Center this past week.

Finley said, “Coach Aubrey Fortson requested assistance with getting the senior football players eligible to continue their football career after high school. I was able to help them by hosting a NCAA Completion Workshop where the students came in, got direct assistance in completing the necessary steps, and left with detailed information on how to independently keep track of their progress as well as what their next steps should be. As seniors, it is best to allow them to have a sense of responsibility and investment in their future.”

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