Here comes Labor Day savings and sales!

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Momma! What do you mean you aint’ found PawPaw’s wallet yet? Ding dang! All I did was wait til my handsome husband took a nap and voila! Wallet snatched! Works every time. Got it? Perf, cause honey Sales Are Coming!

That’s right! I just got word from my advertisers and honey The Labor Day Holiday celebration has flat begun! Here’s what’s happenin’:

Hold me back Momma! Amelia’s owner Kim Jensen just told me all spring and summer fashions are up to 50 percent OFF from now til those fashions are flat gone! Talk ‘bout flinging into fashion! Ok so Amelia’s is located at 172 South Main Street in downtown Madison right smack next to Barkin’ Dogs Shoe Co., owned by Vickie Hunt! Honey Vickie is offerin’ up to 50 percent OFF some shoes and boots until they are GONE! Hey and Vickie says you’d best hurry ‘cause the good stuff is goin’ FAST! 

But that ain’t all y’all. Gordon Clark, owner of Artisan Alley, located at 199 West Jefferson St. across from Town Park, just told me the shop will soon kick off its annual September Stimulus Sale! Honey that turquoise jewelry is flat stimulatin’! Ok so here’s the deal: The more you spend. The more you save. If you spend like $50, you get 10 percent off, but honey if you spend $150 you get 20 percent OFF! Oh. My. Gosh. Y’all!

I can’t help it . . .

Awwwwweee! Oh! Do it now! Y’all I can’t stop! James Brown is comin’ though! We gotta go with it.

“I’m back! I’m back! I’m back! I’m back! Get up offa that thing and shop til you feel better. Get up offa that thing and shake till you feel better. Shake it! Sing it now. Get up offa that thing and try to release that pressure! Get up offa that thing and shop til you feel better. Get up offa that thing and shake it. Shake it. Shop it! HORNS Good God! HORNS So Good! HORNS! Ha! Everybody ready! HORNS Follow me. Get up offa that thing and shop til you feel better. Shop it. Shop it. Ya done good!”

James Brown’s done knocked my Chakras clean! YES! Momma’s bout to bust a move!

That’s cause there are MORE SALES! Right so Beth Cathey, who owns Teal Couture along with Christy Friesen, wanted me to let y’all know this Friday and Saturday you’ll get 15 percent OFF when you spend $100! Oh snap! Teal Couture is located at 203 West Jefferson St., in Madison near Artisan Alley!

Hey and that fabulous retail entrepreneur Rhonda Erwin is flat ON IT! She wanted me to let all y’all know that In High Cotton, located at 158 West Jefferson St. in Madison, is offerin’ a buy one get one for 50 percent OFF (of same or equal value) this Friday through Labor Day Monday! What the! Momma’s revvin’ up PawPaw’s truck! Ding dang! Plus Rhonda says that at Laughing Moon, located at 183 South Main Street in Madison, you’ll get 20 percent MORE OFF of all sale items! Now that’s a ding dang deal from this Friday through Labor Day Monday!

Hey and y’all check out the Whidby Jewelers ad in this week’s Citizen! Ben wants to remind all y’all that Whidby Jewelers, located at 177 West Jefferson St., in Madison, buys GOLD! And, Ben says now is the time ‘cause gold has reached an all-time high! Love it and love GOLD!  Honey and when you’ve sold your gold, check out the amazin’ Imperial 38-inch string of fresh water pink pearls for only $179! I’ve got to have them. Bad. My handsome husband had best read and heed!

Cool news! I just ran into Theresa Bishop, owner of two beautiful shops in downtown Madison called BB&G and Madison Square Collection. Both are located on Main Street in downtown Madison across from the post office. Anyhow Theresa is expandin’ her business into Athens! She’s openin’ a second Madison Square Collection location at 1737 B South Lumpkin Street next to IV Seasons Fashions next Tuesday! Jan Hudson of Athens will be runnin’ the Athens location and she is super nice so y’all visit them real soon! Oh and Theresa also says she’s looking for sales associates for her Madison shops! If you’re interested please send her an email at!

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