City proposing $150,000 addition for fiscal year 2017 general fund budget

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor

The Madison Mayor and City Council will be holding a public hearing on $150,000 in budget amendment proposals at the upcoming regular meeting on Monday, Sept. 11 at 5:30. The meeting will be held in the city’s meeting hall located at 160 North Avenue, Suite 400.

Chief Finance Officer for the City Karen Stapp presented the budget amendment proposal at the last work session on Friday, Sept 1.

According to Stapp, the budget amendment is a year-end budget amendment for fiscal year 2017.

“This has to be done to close the books for FY2017.  The total increase for General Fund is $150,000 for multiple items,” explained Stapp.

“The main increases are from hiring two employees for vacant positions, a management fee for the publication of the Bicentennial Book, replacing a totaled vehicle in Police Department, new LED lights for the mechanic shop, and a storm water pipe in the Cemetery.  Other funds that were affected by the budget amendment were Confiscated Asset Fund, Local Development Fund, Hotel/Motel Fund, and SPLOST Fund.”

The Mayor and City Council will allow feedback and questions from the public on Monday evening before approving the proposed budget amendments.

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