Child attacks teacher

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By Patrick Yost


An 11–year–old Morgan County Middle School student was arrested on September 5 after he allegedly beat a para–pro so severely that she had to be treated at Morgan Memorial Hospital. Reports state that the male student also allegedly attempted to attack an administrator and fought with a Morgan County Sheriff’s deputy, at one point, reports state, the student tried to grab the officers service pistol.

According to Morgan County Sheriff’s Office reports, at approximately 10:30 a.m., a deputy was called to the school to speak with administrators regarding the student. The deputy said when she walked into the office, she asked the student if he was “having a rough morning” and the student allegedly told the female deputy that he would “beat the (expletive) out of you too.”

An administrator told the deputy that the student had struck the para–pro more than 10 times. The administrator said when he removed the student from the classroom, the student also allegedly struck two boys in the face while walking down the hall towards the office. An administrator questioned the juvenile regarding the incidents and the juvenile then “lunged” at the administrator with a balled fist.

The deputy said she grabbed the student before he was able to make contact and the student fought with the deputy. The deputy reported that she took several blows and that the student attempted to head butt her and kick her legs out from underneath her. “Several times he attempted to get his hands on my service weapon,” reports state.

The student was handcuffed and placed into custody.

Reports state that the para pro was struck several times and suffered contusions to her eye, jaw, ear and back of her head. The deputy had to seek treatment for bleeding abrasions on her left forearm and left hand.

A juvenile complaint for battery and battery against a school teacher has been filed against the student. The juvenile was checked at Morgan Memorial Hospital and then transported to Sandersville Youth Detention Center.

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