Foster Street project vote delayed by Irma

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor

Historic District residents aren’t the only ones holding up the Foster Park development project. This week, Hurricane Irma swept through town, forcing Madison City officials to cancel a highly anticipated public meeting on the Foster Park rezoning application, at which the fate of the latest plans for the new housing development was supposed to be decided.

The hearing will have to wait until October at the next Madison Mayor and City Council regular meeting to provide enough time to advertise the hearing  to the public accordance with the law.

“I would love to be able to take care of this issue quicker, but I don’t think it’s possible,” said City Councilman Joe DiLetto. 

The Foster Park project is a proposed housing development planned for the land behind the historic Thomason Miller House on Main Street in Madison.  The council was set to review a rezoning request from Developer Brad Good, who revised the project’s original conception and design.

Good is asking the City Council to approve his rezoning application despite the Madison’s Planning and Zoning Commission’s recommendation for denial.  The commission voted unanimously to recommend denial for Good’s rezoning application over the summer. Good is seeking a rezoning to designate the property as a Residential 4 zone, which would reduce the minimum required lot sizes, allowing Good to build a 24-house subdivision.

According to Good, rezoning the property would allow him to build the desired number of houses while still meeting infrastructure and greenspace requirements comfortably.

However, the project is being fiercely opposed by residents in the Historic District, who do not wish to see the property transformed into a new housing subdivision. Opponents believe the project would adversely affect surrounding property values, increase traffic, noise and light pollution, and compromise the integrity of the historic district.

Good argues that the housing development will be beneficial to historic district and local community.

“The Foster Park project as re-zoned brings a viable neighborhood to a currently non-productive property. The new 24 homes are situated in a walk-able community and does not reduce the current level of A service in traffic volume. Foster Park will be a great asset to the entire City of Madison,” said Good, who estimated the new houses would be priced in the $400,000 range.

The City will advertise the rescheduled meeting in coming weeks to give the public a chance to express their support or opposition to the project before the council takes a vote.

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