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Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

On Sept. 9 a forgery complaint was filed at a Newborn Road, Mansfield residence. No other information was available regarding the complaint.

On September 10 a burglary complaint was filed at a Estes Road, Mansfield residence. According to reports, a man said sometime between 7 a.m. and 8:45 p.m. someone forced entry into his residence and took two rifles. The complainant said someone broke a back window and unlocked the back door to gain entrance and took a .22 caliber Marlin and a Winchester .30–.30 rifle. The rifles are worth $500.

On Sept. 9 a damage to property complaint was filed at Country Boy’s RV Park, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a man said when he was attempting to pull into the park in his pickup truck, he struck a stationary RV. The RV owner’s was contacted and made aware of the incident.

On Sept. 8 a threats complaint was filed at a Jim Thomas Road residence. According to reports, a 17–year–old female showed an officer several texts she had gotten from an unknown number that showed pictures of a female friend of the complainant in an incapacitated state. The texts insinuated that the complainant’s friend would be injured or killed if the complainant did not provide money to the person sending the text. Reports state that the texts turned out to be a prank by the complainant’s friend. A deputy contacted the friend and and clarified that her actions had been against the law and that she could, and would, be arrested for the prank if it reoccurred.

On Sept. 8 Adam Ray Bodie, 20, of Madison, was arrested and charged with interference with government property. According to reports, Bodie, who is an inmate at the Morgan County Detention Center, allegedly asked a deputy at the Morgan County Detention Center what would happen if he destroyed a camera inside a solitary holding cell. He then allegedly destroyed the camera.

On Sept. 7 a trespass notice was given at a Ross Road residence. According to reports, a woman told a deputy she came to the Ross Road residence to see her children and her ex–husband would not allow her to see the children. The woman said the court had not ruled on custody for the children as of yet. The ex–husband provided a safety plan provided by the court that did state the woman was not allowed to have any contact with the children until she completed some tasks demanded by the court. The deputy allowed the woman to peruse the court–ordered safety plan denying her access before issuing her a trespass notice dictating that if she returns to the residence she would be arrested.

On Sept. 6 a fraud complaint was filed at a Pintail Lane residence. According to reports, a woman said she noticed on her bank statement that DirectTV had made a withdrawal of $125. The woman said she is not a DirectTV customer and did not authorize the charge.

On September 6 a found property complaint was filed at a Fraction Bottom Road location. According to reports, a man said while he was preparing property for deer hunting, he found a wallet. The wallet included a Florida driver’s license, four credit cards, a Visa gift card, a Florida A&M identification card, a pharmacy discount card and $18 in cash.

On Sept. 6 a fraud complaint was filed at a Bethany Church Road. According to reports, a man said someone made four transactions from his account without his permission. Reports state that two payments were made to two different Home Depot stores for a total of $639; a charge of $26.98 was made at J&J Fish and Chicken and a payment of $1,183 was made to an unknown business.

On Sept. 5 a violation of a good behavior bond complaint was filed at a Second Street residence, Rutledge. According to reports, officers were dispatched to a possible domestic situation at a Second Street residence. A report states a woman said she was at a the residence to retrieve property when she began to have a panic attack. The woman said she went outside and got into a vehicle parked at the residence to feel safe. The woman said she then began to have seizures. The property owner came outside and was attempting to get the woman having the seizure to unlock the doors of the vehicle so she could be given aid. A deputy noted to both women that a Morgan County judge had issued a good behavior bond against both women not allowing them to have contact with each other and that both women had technically violated the order. The deputy said he was going to present the judge with a copy of the report showing that both women had been in contact with each other.

When he was completing the report, reports state, the woman who had the seizure told the deputy she had been living with the other woman, in part, because she had no where else to go, which the deputy noted was also a violation of the good behavior bond.

The woman was transported to a friend’s house and told not to return.

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