Fresh Market is serving up fresh Y’all

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Fun, handsome Zeb Grant of Zeb Grant Design with his two locations in Madison (formerly Le Petit Jardin) and in Greensboro, is flat pullin’ out all the stops y’all! It’s all happenin’ at Zeb’s Madison shop located at 142 Academy St. in the Madison Markets campus! Ok so Zeb is bringin’ his friends Jill Helmer, John Grady Burns and Kathy Stewart who wrote the most the beautiful book “Home – Celebrating Autumn & Winter” to his shop this Saturday, Sept. 23 from 2 p.m. until 4:30 p.m.! It’s Fall y’all and you had best get in the mood for it with me and Momma Saturday! Honey there will be a book signin’, yummy foods and drinks and you’ll get to meet and greet Zeb and his fabulous team! I’ll see all y’all there!

Hey! And you can also stroll next door over to the gallery at Madison Markets and check out a new artist they’re installin’ as we speak! That’s right y’all! I just smack ran into beautiful Jane Royal, owner of Madison Markets, and she showed me the art by the late Eugene (Gene) White (1913- 1966). His art is just amazin’, but the really cool thing is that Mr. White is a distant relative of our very own Kim Jensen, owner of Amelia’s! Honey Kim hales from Florida and White’s captures the vintage beauty of a long-ago coastal Florida! Check it out y’all!

Stop. The. Presses! This is where the ink meets the page y’all! I’m talking’ ‘bout something near an’ dear to each and every ding dang one of ya! And, that’s your next meal! Ok, so I popped over to Farmview Market located at 2610 Eatonton Road in Madison last Saturday and ‘bout had a flippin’ fit! That’s cause they are now servin’ fresh, hand-juiced juices! They are To. Die. For! But the best news is that they are gonna expand the juice menu, add a smoothie bar and also add soft serve ice cream made from cream that comes straight from Morgan County’s Rock House Creamery! Ding dang double scoop y’all!

Oh and I flat near forgot! Colleen Hall of the City of Madison is busy workin’ on the upcomin’, famous Annual Chili Cook Off at Town Park! It’s gonna be more fun than should be allowed y’all! Ok so here’s the ding dang deal! Colleen wanted me to tell all y’all that the music line-up for this year’s event is gonna ROCK IT! Ok so we have Tyler Goforth from Nashville! Carrie Bowen Band from Monroe! Tray Dahl and the Jugtime Ragband from Atlanta! And, Madison’s own Rufus Hope Jr. with the 3X Jazz Band! What the what y’all! Plus the music is gonna be set up this year on Second Street close to the chili cookin’! I flat love it! Y’all put it on your calendar for Oct. 7 from 10:30 ti 4 p.m.! See you there!

Dang it! I’ve gotta split! In the meantime, y’all watch out. Elvira Gulch is on the move again! Hide your kids! Hide your wife! She’s meaner than a wet panther, lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut, as fun a two rats in stink sock, and so stuck up she’d drown in a rainstorm! Bless her heart.

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