Fall bring Mint Juleps Kitchen & Chili Cook Off

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It’s fall y’all! Breathe in that cool mornin’ air and get happy ‘cause it’s all good!

Morgan County is more delicious than ever with the openin’ of its newest restaurant Mint Juleps Kitchen in downtown Madison! Restaurant owner Susan Draeger hosted a soft openin’ on Saturday and the place was packed! Of course Biz Buzz and her handsome husband were there to celebrate and it rocked! We started off with a signature Mint Julep at the artsy, cool bar, shared a super delish crab cake and dined on grouper and roasted veggies! It was awesome! OK so this place is gonna be a huge hit y’all so it’s best to get a reservation, which you can do online at www.mintjuleps.com. It’s super easy and you get a confirmation email back from them immediately. Or just give ‘em a call at 706-707-8088! Oh and Mint Juleps Kitchen is located at 231 Hancock Street in front of the Morgan County Offices!

Hey and speakin’ of food, the Kentucky Fried Chicken, located at 1971 Eatonton Road in Madison is flat beautiful! The new building looks great and honey you just can’t beat the fried chicken at Kentucky Fried Chicken! Momma and I were visitin’ Monaray over at the hospital the other day and honey Monaray says the chicken pot pies at Kentucky Fried Chicken are flat delicious! Y’all go check it all out!

Hey and since we’re still on the food subject, I popped over to Madison Produce yesterday for lunch and enjoyed a fabulous spinach salad, but guess what I found out? Honey Madison Produce owner Andy Oller now offers a ¼ slice grab and go Muffleta for only $7.99. Ok so these are huge ¼ slices y’all!

And, y’all flat won’t believe how fab momma’s porch looks since she bought local shopped these super cool pumpkins at Madison Produce and at Farmview Market! Y’all get over to both locations and get you a flat scary pumpkin or the Wicked Witch of the West will fly over your house and sky write somethin’ right ugly! Golly Gee Willikers! That old witch just won’t stop with the wicked schemes!

Hey and mark your calendars for Flavors of Fall Festival at Farmview Market on Saturday, Oct. 21! It’s FREE! They’re gonna have arts and crafts for Farm Kids, a petting zoo, chef demos and samplings, live music, pie bakin’ and pumpkin decorating contests and more! I flat can’t wait ‘cause that pie bakin’ contest ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Now I know all y’all are gettin’ ready for the annual Chili Cookoff event at Town Park! It’s slated for Saturday, Oct. 7 and is gonna be fabulous! Ok so we have some foreigners from other states comin’ in so let’s be on our best behavior! I’ll see all y’all there at Hot Off The Presses! And, y’all don’t forget! The Humane Society of Morgan County’s annual $10,000 raffle will be announced at the Chili Cookoff! There are only 30 tickets left y’all so hurry up and get you a ticket! You can email dianneyost@gmail.com and she’ll find you one right quick!

That’s it for the Buzz on Biz y’all! Hey and y’all act sweet! Hug your momma, shop, dine and play local too! You’ll help your local businesses and community too! Oh and don’t forget: You’re all invited back next week to this locality, to have a heapin’ helpin’ of Citizen hospitality. Biz Buzz that is. Sit a spell. Take your shoes off. Y’all come back now, ya’ hear?

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