No place to go, man allegedly robs store, turns self in to have a room

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By Patrick Yost


A Madison man allegedly committed a strong–arm robbery at the Golden Pantry Thursday night, got high and later turned himself in because “he had nowhere to go.”

According to Madison Police Department reports, Calvin Wade, 34, allegedly entered the Golden Pantry at approximately 10:20 p.m. While purchasing some Swisher Sweet cigars, he told the female clerk “let me get those $20s” referring to cash in the drawer. The clerk told officers that she thought Wade was joking until he said “You think I’m playing?” and reached across the counter, forced the drawer open and took three $20 bills.

Wade then fled the store on foot. A male customer entered and identified Wade to the clerk and to officers when they arrived. Officers searched the Burney Street area for two hours for Wade but were unsuccessful.

At 12:48 a.m., reports state, Wade contacted Morgan County Dispatch and said he wanted to turn himself in to the police. He was detained and arrested at the corner of Georgia Highway 83 and Pearl Street. Wade allegedly told officers when they questioned him about the robbery that “…I don’t have anything to hide. I did that (expletive) on purpose.”

Wade also allegedly told the officers that he had recently been kicked out of his room and needed somewhere to stay.

“Wade stated that he committed the robbery on purpose because he didn’t have any place to go. Wade stated they kicked him out of his room and he couldn’t do it,” reports state. “He stated after snatching the money he left the store, found what he wanted, got high, and watched officers ride up and down the road.”

“He added he had nowhere to go, but he has somewhere to now.”

Wade was charged with robbery.

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