Artisan’s Alley, Teal Couture & Whidby Jewelers Bring Fall Fashions

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By Dianne Yost

staff writer

Camp equipment? Check! Merrell hikin’ boots from Barkin’ Dogs Shoe Co? Check! Let’s hit it Momma! We’ve flat gone miles and miles! Let’s set up camp and start a fire! Ding dang Momma! It’s pitch black dark o’clock I flat can’t . . . “Awwwoooo Woo Woo AWWWOOOO!” What in the Sam Hill was that? Yikes! It’s a whoppin’ choppin’ werewolf! This calls for a fight! We’re gonna have to let our Alabama out! POW! WHAM! BOP! SLAP! SLAM! BOOM! He’s ding dang dead! Momma! You’re eyes are as yellow as the moon! Shoot Fire! My nails are five inches long! And, this hair! I flat hate middle age! Hey! You’ve got some nice choppers Momma! Let’s head on back to Madison! I can’t wait for the full moon!

Whew! It’s always good to get home so we can shop and honey there are some fab Biz Buzz Buys this week!

First up: I found this super cute shirt that perf for Fall at Artisan’s Alley Southwestern Gallery! It’s called Sabaku Artwear and it gives off that ultra cool Southwestern vibe! I flat LOVE IT! Ok so it’s priced at $43 and is totally worth it ‘cause it’s perfect for these beautiful, sunny, cool Morgan County days and looks great with denim and khaki! They come in lots of colors with artsy designs! Go get one! Hey and check out all the cool pottery and jewelry! Oh and one must never, ever be without a Sage Wand to rid your house or space of evil energy! I just bought Silver Wolf Walks Alone Ceremonial White Sage! Get one and sage that negative mess flat out of your house! LOVE IT!

Oh and y’all Teal Couture, located right down from Artisan’s Alley, has the most fun wraps and shawls for Fall! I saw three styles that I adored! One was a black and white plaid with a black tie! It is perf for football games! There’s also a fantastic solid black shawl and my favorite was a part-sweater-part-wrap in olive green! These wraps and shawls are super affordable, priced from $28 to $32! Go get one today!

And, honey everyone like to play in the diamonds at Whidby Jewelers! I found a new jewelry straight from the World Capitol of Fashion – Paris! Ok so this line is called Les Georgettes cuff bracelets with various colored leather inserts so you can change out your bracelet to match whatever your fashion or mood! These are fun and beautiful with different designs and three different width sizes. The middle width size bracelet is priced at $79! Y’all get in there and check it out! Oh and you might also want to check out the sparklin’ stackable rings in sterling or 14 carat gold with diamonds and colored gemstones! I need about six of them so I sure hope my handsome husband is reading this; otherwise his credit card may go missin’ for a bit! Yes!

Dang! Outta space! Outta time! I’ve gotta start preppin’ for Hot Off The Presses! Honey we’re competing in this year’s Chili Cook-Off in Town Park THIS SATURDAY, Oct. 7! It’s gonna be so much fun with arts and crafts, kids activities, a beer garden and of course chili tastin’! Small town livin’ just doesn’t get any better than this! Enjoy a wonderful Madison Main Street event that makes livin’ in and around Madison so great! I’ll see all y’all there!

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