Graduation focus ‘paying off’ high school stats show

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing  editor

The Morgan County Charter School System announced this week that the graduation rate for the Class of 2017 came in at 91.8 percent. According to school officials, there haven’t been any new policies put in place to improve graduate rates, but a renewed focus in recent years to guide students across the graduation finish line.

“The efforts of the students, teachers, and staff of the Morgan County School System are paying off, “ said Superintendent James Woodard. “We have a focus on ensuring that ALL students graduate with a diploma.  While the graduation rate is higher than the state, we will continue supporting our young people in order to continually increase the number of students receiving a high school diploma.”

According to the State of Georgia, who calculated graduation rates for 2017, Morgan County’s 91.8 percent graduation rate is based on 191 graduates from a class size of 208. A graduation cohort is based on the year that a student was enrolled as a ninth-grader. The cohort includes all students who transfer in and out of a school over the course of four years. In the case of the Morgan County High School’s class of 2017, 307 students were considered to be a part of the cohort at some point over the past four years.”

According to school officials, Morgan County ranked fifth among the 18 high schools within the system’s Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA) and fourth  among the 13 high schools in surrounding counties.

“Morgan County continues to exceed the state in the graduation rates of major specific subgroups,” reported school officials in a press release.

According to the report, Morgan County’s graduation rates exceed state averages along both racial and economic lines.

Morgan County High School (MCHS) boasts of an  87.3 percent  graduation rate among African-American students, compared to the state’s average of 77.8 percent. MCHS saw 95.9 percent of its white students graduate, whereas the state’s average is only 84 percent. Economically disadvantaged students at MCHS graduated at a rate of 87.8 percent, whereas the state’s average is only 76.4 percent.

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