Wild pig evades capture attempts in Madison

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By Patrick Yost


A rogue renegade pig has wreaked havoc on at least one North Main Street residence, according to Madison Animal Control Officer Crystal Berisko.

The pig has been roaming the North Main Street area since at least June, said Berisko.

It was also spotted at the Madison Cemetery this week.

The pig, a splotchy red and black, which Berisko estimates weighs about 100 pounds, has been able to evade several traps in the past few weeks.

“It may have belonged to somebody who turned it loose,” she said. “I know it’s been out since June.”

She and city workers placed a hog trap at the North Main Street residence but have not had any luck.

“We are trying to humanely trap it,” she said.

Currently, workers are considering mobile hog fences that would force the pig into the trap. “We are trying to devise a plan.”

The pig has not confronted humans.

“Any domestic pig, if it’s out there on its own, it’s going to go feral,” she said. Once, or if, it’s captured, Madison Animal Control intends on putting the pig up for adoption.

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