Courthouse hits the big screen in “American Made”

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor

Morgan County is adding to its Yallywood movie credits with the recent release of the Tom Cruise blockbuster “American Made,” filmed in Madison in July 2015 under the working name “Mena.”

The interior of the Morgan County Courthouse got a huge close up in the film and is also showcased in the movie’s trailer (which can be watched online on the Morgan County Citizen’s Facebook page).

Cruise brings to life the true 1970’s story of Barry Seal, a daredevil pilot who worked off the books for the CIA running guns to South America and  ultimately running drugs.

The off-the-books CIA operation eventually came to light during the Reagan eara Iran Contra scandal.

While filming in Madison, the production crews used Madison street ways and Ricky D’s in addition to the courthouse. Cruise was seen by locals driving through downtown in a 1980s burgundy Cadillac.

The Morgan County Board of Commissioners leased the Morgan County Courthouse to the film’s  production company for a two-day shoot for the sum of $5,000.

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