Standoff ends in man’s arrest

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By Patrick Yost


Madison Police Department officers had to deploy taser weapons several times in an attempt to secure and arrest a man who had barricaded himself inside a Cooks Hill Road residence after allegedly threatening a family member with a knife and a hammer.

According to reports, Kevin Centrell Massey, 39, was eventually arrested and transported to Morgan Memorial Hospital for psychiatric evaluation on Friday, Oct. 20 at approximately 9:30 p.m.

Officers responded to the residence at 9 p.m. after family members told officers that Massey had barricaded himself inside the residence and when they attempted to talk to him he responded with physical threats. The family members told officer that Massey had been “acting out of character” since Tuesday and at several points threatened to kill family members.

Several attempts to talk Massey out of the house failed.

Two officers and a family member entered the residence and located Massey in a living room but Massey then barricaded himself in a bathroom. Officers forced entry into the bathroom and made numerous verbal commands for Massey to comply but Massey allegedly resisted to the extent that an officer deployed a taser weapon. Massey collapsed and pulled a bathroom door on top of himself, reports state. Officers were unable to control Massey, at that point, reports said, and called for additional officers to respond. An officer applied another taser weapon to Massey’s thigh and Massey allegedly attempted to grab the taser but failed and the officer applied the taser weapon again. A second officer was eventually able to place Massey’s right hand in a handcuff but Massey refused to allow officers to secure his left hand and a taser weapon was deployed again.

Massey was then secured and escorted out of the house and was treated by EMS technicians for minor abrasions and cuts, reports state. He was then transported to Morgan Memorial.

At midnight officers were called to Morgan Memorial Hospital after staff reported that Massey had been cleared medically but was refusing further help and had become verbally combative with hospital staff. Officers made contact with Massey and attempted to verbally urge him to leave the hospital under his own will but Massey allegedly refused. Several officers and deputies from the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office then entered the room and were “met with extreme physical resistance” and removed Massey from the room and placed him in a patrol car. Massey is being charged with terroristic threats and acts, attempted removal of a weapon from a public official and obstruction.

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