BoJangles, Starbucks coming?

Tia Lynn Ivey News

Two popular chains are in the process of setting up shop in Madison. Bojangles, a fast-food restaurant specializing in chicken and biscuits, will be built beside the Rite Aid on Hwy. 441 in Madison, pending final approval from the Corridor Design Commission (CDC) in coming months.

“Right now, they have a land disturbance permit, which allows them to began grading and installing stormwater and things like that,” said Ken Kocher, preservationist for the City of Madison.

“They have gone through their preliminary design with the CDC and are very motivated to make this happen,” said Kocher. “Their architectural design were thorough and complete. It was very well done. They shouldn’t have any problems moving forward with the project.”

Starbucks is looking to open a store beside Steak-N-Shake on 441 and is currently working with the CDC as well as Madison’s Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC) to move forward.

“Starbucks has a zoning hurdle to get over before they can get approval to build,” said Kocher. “They are looking to collocate two businesses on one tract of land, and that is not something that is currently available in our zoning ordinance.”

The Madison City Council will have to approve a text amendment to the City’s zoning ordinance to allow for more than one business on one tract of land in particular zoning districts before Starbucks can build beside the Steak-N-Shake.

PZC will review a text amendment and make a recommendation in November. The Madison Mayor and City Council is expected to vote on it in December.

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