Buzbee– Owens face off in Rutledge election

Staff Written News

The Nov. 7 election is right around the corner, but Madison isn’t the only city in Morgan County with local races. The City of Rutledge will vote between Jennifer Buzbee and Brandi Williams Owens this Tuesday, both of whom are running for the Post 3 seat on Rutledge’s City Council.

Both Buzbee and Owens are hoping to win the city council seat in order to help steer the direction of Rutledge’s future.

“I just wanted to contribute to the community and promote its legacy and history,” said Buzbee, who moved to Rutledge two years ago from Atlanta and works at a Methodist preschool. “I want our city to be a safe place for my children and all the children of Rutledge.”

“I have lived here all my life, and I thought it was time to get involved and make a difference here,” said Owens, who is a media specialist at a Social Circle school. “My roots are here and my heart is here, so I want to be a part of continuing to make Rutledge a great place to live.”

Each of the candidates expressed similar goals if they are elected to the City Council.

Buzbee pledged to focus on enhancing public safety, protecting Rutledge’s historical sites, and advocating for “smart growth.” Buzbee also wants to invest in children’s programs to give local youth a safe and fun environment in which to grow up.

Owens pledged to work on bringing more small businesses to Rutledge’s downtown storefronts, restoring some of the vacant buildings, and possibly converting the old jailhouse into a community center.

“Being a native of Rutledge, I feel like I have some perspective on how to move our city forward,” said Owen. “This is my first campaign and I am very excited about it. It’s been an amazing learning experience.”

“I am all about the children,” said Buzbee. “I work with many of the local children here on projects and want to give them more activities to do and to keep all of them safe… I want this to be a place that they want to come back to one day.”

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