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Madison Police Department

On Oct. 30 a burglary report was filed at a Skyline Drive residence. According to reports, a woman reported that someone shattered a back window and entered the residence.

The woman reported that two bathrobes, one pink and the other white, were missing.

The bathrobes are valued at $60.

On Oct. 27 a child in need of services report was file at the Morgan County Courthouse, East Jefferson Street. According to reports, a woman told an officer that she had been informed that her 14–year–old son had missed 28 days of school. The woman said the son gets on the school bus each morning at their Maple Street house but manages to get off somehow before school.

On Oct. 26 Martin Lloyd Bishop, 23, Eatonton was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, driving while license suspended and speeding. According to reports, Bishop was stopped on Interstate 20 while allegedly driving a three–wheeled vehicle 94 mph in a 70 mph zone. Consequent to the stop, reports state, an officer located a small bag of suspected marijuana in one of Bishop’s pockets and learned that his driver license had been suspended for lack of child support payments.

On Oct. 26 Rene Jane Richards, Chattanooga, was arrested and charged with theft by receiving stolen property and driving without a license. According to reports, an officer observed Richards and a second woman in a vehicle partially on the right shoulder of the road on U.S. 441.

The officer stopped and the women told him they had run out of gas. The officer checked the registration of the vehicle and learned that it had been reported stolen out of Tennessee.

Reports also state that Richards only had an identification card and no driver’s license.

On Oct. 22 an entering auto complaint was filed at a North Main Street residence. According to reports, a woman reported that someone entered her Kia Forte and removed her son’s IPod and ear buds. The items are valued at $250.


Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

On Oct. 30 a domestic incident report was filed at a Long Wood Drive residence. According to reports, a man said after he returned home from Florida his live–in girlfriend accused him of cheating on her while he was in Florida. The complainant alleged that the woman struck him three times in the face and tore his jacket. The woman alleged that she asked the man to use his bathroom for a bath and he would not allow it. She said he then slammed her into both sides of the door frame and she struck him several times in the head and face.

On Oct. 28 a domestic incident report was filed at a Cochran Road residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that her estranged husband had slammed a door on her hand. The woman advised that the incident was witnessed by a neighbor. The husband said the woman had come to the house and had begun to argue with him and when he tried to close the door to keep her out of the house she stuck her hand in the door. The witness also said that the woman frequently attempts to engage the man in an argument and that the man did not purposefully slam the door on the woman’s hand.

On Oct. 29 an information report was filed om Interstate 20 near the east bound rest area. According to reports, a deputy stated that he received a report at 2 a.m. regarding a person lying in the middle of Interstate 20. The deputy said he arrived and did not see a person on the road but he did observe a tractor trailer in the median. The deputy said he opened the passenger side door and observed a person laying in the cab. He aroused the person and determined it was a male. The male allegedly screamed at him that he was being held at gunpoint. The deputy placed the man in his vehicle and found no one else in the area. The man could not explain how the truck got into the median but he did tell the deputy he had “dope in my right front pocket,” although the deputy searched the man and found nothing. The man continued to insist that someone was after him. The man was turned over to emergency services workers to be evaluated.

On Oct. 29 an animal complaint was filed at a Lake Shore Drive, Buckhead residence. According to reports, a deputy was called to the residence after receiving a complaint of a dog on a back porch barking. The deputy said when he arrived he observed a brown Pit Bull shivering from rain and cold and barking. The deputy was able to contact the dog’s owner who told the deputy he had put out food for the dog before he left to go out of town. The deputy reported that he could not take possession of the dog because it was too aggressive. He contacted Morgan County Animal Control to determine if the owner should be charged.

On Oct. 29 a stray dog complaint was filed at a Westminster Way residence. According to reports, a woman reported that a dog was running around the subdivision. The woman said she feared for the dog’s health because of the rain and cold. A member of Morgan County Dispatch agreed to take the dog home for the night and then to Morgan County Animal Control on Monday.

On Oct. 27 a theft by conversion complaint was filed at an East Dixie Highway residence. According to reports, a woman said two weeks ago she loaned her 2003 Ford Focus to her boyfriend who drove the vehicle to South Carolina for work. The woman said the man will not return the car and won’t tell her where the vehicle is located. The woman said the man is a heavy drinker and she is afraid he might drive the vehicle impaired and injure someone.

On Oct. 27 a harassing communication report was filed at a Frazier Copeland Road residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that after her daughter was involved in an argument with another female student on a Morgan County School bus, the woman began to receive threatening text messages from the student’s mother. The complainant also said that threatening messages were appearing on social media. One text allegedly from the mother of the other child said. “Ok, look I have tried to be the nice parent and come to you about things your kids are doing on the bus but for some reason it’s still going on. So being nice is over!!! The next time (child) call’s my daughter fat then I have told (daughter) to knock the hell out of her.” A social media message from a relative of the child in question allegedly threatened to come to the complainant’s house “late at night, sneak through her window and steal all of her toys.” A second relative allegedly offered to physically harm the complainant. “You can put me on the mama,” it said.

On Oct. 25 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Fairplay Road residence. According to reports, a man alleged that a man who had rented a house from him had agreed to do work around the house but had not and had stolen several items. The complainant alleged that the man was selling drugs from the house and was supposed to be gone from the house on August 1. The complainant said he was hospitalized for two months and was told that items had been taken. The man alleged that $4,1000 in freon, a bush hog, two gauges, a vacuum pump, a freon detector, a dishwasher, a stove, a 10’ x12’ shed, a smoke detector, a metal building, a camper, $2,800 in personal items, a heat pump, two gas furnaces, copper fittings and manuals were all taken.

On Oct. 25 Billy Mack Tindol, 61, Madison was arrested and charged with battery. According to reports, two women alleged that Tindol attacked them after they came to his residence. Reports state that a deputy arrived and observed two women running to the end of a driveway at a Brownwood Road residence. One of the women said they had arrived because they believed Tindol was too intoxicated to care for his wife, who has medical issues. When they approached Tindol with their concerns, reports state, Tindol allegedly punched one of the women in the eye.

On Oct. 24 a damage to property complaint was filed at a West Dixie Highway, Rutledge residence. According to reports, a man said someone had backed into a barbed wire fence causing approximately $400 in damages.

On Oct. 24 a 16–year–old male was arrested and charged with battery at Morgan County High School. According to reports, the male allegedly struck another student several times in the head and torso while the student was arguing with a female student regarding appropriate class conduct.

On Oct. 24 Chase Michael Sanchez, 18, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after he allegedly initiated an argument at a Doster Road residence. The argument allegedly began when Sanchez complained about food he was being served and threw a fork on the ground. He was out on bail on a separate disorderly conduct charge when the incident happened.

On Oct. 23 Tyler Michael Kilgore, 24, Loganville was arrested and charged with theft by deception. According to reports, an investigator with the Athens Clarke County Police Department alleged that Kilgore had pawned two hedge trimmers and a backpack blower at a Madison Pawn Shop while he was employed with Greenbriar Landscaping in Athens. The landscaping company reported that the items had been stolen. The items were recovered at the pawn shop. Kilgore was served with the arrest warrant while he was detained at the Morgan County Detention Center.

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