Boys Prove Their Worth at State

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The Morgan County Cross-Country boys’ team gave it their best shot at the State Championship Race this past week finishing 16th out of 30 entries in AAA.  Coach Erin Spinks was proud of the effort her team exerted when she said, “Our boys proved their place at state.” 

Morgan may have finished fourth at the 8-AAA Region Championship, but that was not their mindset going into the State competition.  Spinks pointed out that even though the team came in fourth at region that did not upset them.  She commented, “It is such an honor to make it to the state championship!  They knew that they had earned their special spot in the box at the race.  I teach my team that this moment is the moment to hold on to and to shine.  We are never promised this exact moment again.  They came in 16th place in the 3A race.  They worked hard together and individually to finish the race at their best.”

It was a successful campaign for the Bulldogs under the second-year coach.  Her enthusiasm for the sport is contagious and the dividends of her hard work are obvious.  Morgan County now has cross-country runners starting as early as at Morgan County Primary and Elementary Schools with the largest number of runners on the Morgan County Middle School team they’ve ever had.  The old saying goes that the harder you work, the luckier you get.  Hard work culminates in a winning program.  Both the Dogs and Lady Dogs had meet wins at home this season and competed well in every event they entered.  They have a lot to be proud of.

The Bulldogs got the 16th spot with a score of 458 points (with lowest being the winning score).  The AAA State Champions, Westminster, turned in a low score of 50 by finishing 2, 6, 7, 16, and 19th overall.  8-AAA got two top ten finishes from East Jackson (198 points) and Hart County (287 points). 

Morgan’s top finisher, Kevin Berisko, took 61st out of 210 runners at the event with a time of 19:06.08.

Spinks summed up the year like this.  “I am pleased with our XC season and feel like our team worked hard to achieve their best.  The way each of the seven finished the race left me with the biggest smile and biggest accomplishment.  I believe in hard work and finishing what you start to your very best potential.  As the cross-country coach, I value this sport and I have high expectations for my team.  I want this team to be as committed as any other team here in Morgan County.  Commitment, dedication, and drive are what will continue to make our sport thrive.  I look forward to next season!!”

Members of the team that competed at Carrollton were:  Alex Rountree, Kevin Berisko, Will Paschal, Cody Pace, Brant Kiepper, Davis Moore, and Connor Clark.

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