Madison Trick or Treating 2017

Tia Lynn Ivey Community, Featured


Madison was overrun with fanciful creatures, immortal monsters, brave superheroes, and famous “celebrities” last week. Crowds of tiny ghouls, goblins, and pretty princesses  scurried from house to house, scowering for candy on Halloween.

Children and parents, donned in creative and spooky costumes, wandered the neighborhoods of Madison, knocking on doors hoping to get a treat instead of a trick. The weather was ideal for an evening of traditional trick-or-treating.

The Halloween Spirit was alive and well as parents flashed their cameras to capture priceless memories of their children laughing and showing off their original costume ideas.

Trick-or-Treating has been a beloved tradition in America since the 1920s. The idea began in the Middle Ages when people in Ireland and Great Britain went from door to door in costumes performing short scenes from plays in exchange for food and drink. Halloween eventually incorporated this idea as a way to “appease the spirits of dead,” as it was once believed they, too, roamed the streets at this time of year.

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