Pill crew’s plan foiled by pharmacist at Thrifty Mac

Patrick Yost News

A South Carolina crew of two women and one man allegedly attempting to fraudulently secure narcotics ran into the wrong pharmacists in Madison last week.

Constance Louise Carroll, 31, Ninety Six, S.C.; Ashley Joann McClure, 30, Ninety Six, S.C. and Phillip Ray Yarbrough, 33, Landrum, S.C., all face identity fraud charges after they allegedly attempted to purchase 72 Dilaudid pills from Thrifty Mac Pharmacy, Main Street.

McClure also faces one count of pills not in original container.

According to reports, a male called Thrifty Mac stating he had an “emergency prescription” for a Pine Street resident. The caller said the alleged patient’s granddaughter would arrive to pick up the prescription.

Pharmacist George Launius said that while the caller was “very convincing” and seemed to know both the symptoms and the law regarding “emergency prescriptions” Launius asked the man if he was aware of a mutual acquaintance. He stumbled on that one,” Launius said.

Launius called the doctor’s office, per state law, who had allegedly prescribed the drugs and was told that the prescription was false.

The doctor also said that he had received two other similar calls, one from a drug store in Greensboro and another from a drugstore in Thomaston.

When Carroll arrived, Madison Police Officer Stacey Eaton was inside Thrifty Mac with Launius.

Launius also said that state law requires that someone purchasing Class 2 narcotics must present a driver’s license for identification. Carroll, Lanius says, presented her driver’s license to a clerk who “gave the license to me and I gave it to a police officer standing next to me.”

Yarbrough was also in the store, reports state, and when Eaton detained Yarbrough, Carroll attempted to leave the store and get into a vehicle driven by McClure but McClure was already leaving the parking lot as Carroll walked out.

McClure was stopped in the parking lot by Officer Andre Johnson.

McClure told officers that she had given Yarbrough and Carroll a ride from South Carolina to Georgia and denied any knowledge of pills. She also had a 4–year–old child in a car seat in the vehicle. Police allege that they located nine Tramadol pills inside a plastic bag inside McClure’s handbag.

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