Rep. Belton gives BOE house preview

Patrick Yost News

Rep. Dave Belton (R, District 112) gave the Morgan County Board of Education a preview of this year’s legislative agenda.

Belton, a former member of the Morgan County Board of Education, said he would continue to promote education spending in Georgia and said that next year, 62 percent of the budget will be spent on education.

Belton said Georgia has become the fourth fastest-growing state in the nation and is now the eighth largest state with an economy that is growing at five percent per year. He said legislators would focus on problems outside the Atlanta beltway. “This year, the thing we’re going to talk about is rural, rural, rural.”

“Medicaid is going to be a big deal this year.”

Belton praised the board for improvements on Morgan County’s graduation rate. “I’m so impressed with the graduation rate of 92 percent. That’s a big win.” he said.

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