Teen wanted for assault after allegedly pulling, pointing pistol

Patrick Yost News

The Madison Police Department is actively searching for a 16-year-old male who allegedly racked a shell in a pistol and pointed it at a woman who caught the youth sleeping in her house.

According to reports, a Green Meadows Drive resident told officers that on Saturday, Dec. 9, “something told her to check her daughter’s room.” The woman said the door to her 15-year-old daughter’s room was locked. The woman said she knocked on the door and when her daughter opened the door, she saw the male in the bed.

She said she told the male not to move, that she had called 911. She then heard “a distinct sound of a pistol being racked” and then the male allegedly “turned towards her and pointed a small black pistol at her.”

The woman told police when she saw the gun, she gathered her child and fled the residence. The teen then walked out of the house. Officers responded at 5:38 a.m. and searched the area but did not find the teen. The juvenile faces charges of aggravated assault, reports state.

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