Christmas with the Perrimans

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By Marie S. Perriman

Christmas, what a wonderful time of the year!  Christmas, like anytime else, is special in our home.  The memories of spending and sharing Christmas Eve with our three little daughters and then seeing their bright, happy faces Christmas morning was priceless.

On Christmas Eve, we would gather together in the den after dinner awaiting what the night would bring.  In addition to playing games, we shared our thoughts about the meaning of Christmas.  Fred and I made sure they knew the reason for the Christmas season – Jesus Christ who would bring love, peace, joy, and more.

Fred and I would let the girls stay up longer than usual before telling them they needed to go to bed before Santa comes. They tried to give many reasons to convince us why they needed to stay up later.  In keeping with some of the tales, we would tell them if they did not go to bed, Santa may not stop by or he just may put ashes in their eyes.  Of course before going to bed, they made sure cookies and milk were left for Santa.    

The joy of Christmas morning was special – thanking God for the birth of His Son and seeing our girls’ bright, smiling faces as they uncovered what Santa had brought them.  Fred and I would laugh in amazement because Christmas morning was the one morning of the year we didn’t have to call their name multiple times for them to awake.  They would wake us up to tell us what they had received.  Fred and I were so thankful to the Lord for blessing us to be able to give our daughters a joyous Christmas.

As we celebrate this Christmas season, let us share with others and not forget the true meaning of Christmas.  Sharing is showing the love of Christ.  Remember, if we leave Christ out, we have no Christmas.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Fred and me and our family.   May God bless you.

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