High speed chase ends in Morgan

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A high-speed chase that ended in Morgan County led Oconee County officers down 441 South in pursuit of Jemarcus Acholes, 26, of Atlanta, and Serginhio Ambroise, 34, of Atlanta, who were both apprehended and arrested on Price Mill Road after crashing. Acholes, the driver, allegedly evaded police for nearly 13 miles reaching speeds of over 100 miles per hour.  The pair was charges with 16 offenses including forgery, evading police, possession of marijuana, reckless endangerment, damage to property, and obstructing.

The incident arose from a failed fraud attempt in which Ambroise allegedly tried to cash a fake check at the First American Bank and Trust in Watkinsville. A bank employee called 911 to report the incident and police arrived just as Ambroise got in the passenger side of a 2017 Dodge Journey with Acholes at the wheel.

Deputy Higginbotham initiated a traffic stop of the vehicle and Acholes appeared, at first, to cooperate by pulling over.

“After stopping the vehicle accelerated down Bishop Farm PKWY, at that time I radioed dispatch and advised them I was in a vehicle pursuit…” wrote Higginbotham in the police report. “The Sheriff’s Office is right down the street from the bank, so the deputies arrived quickly and the chase was on,” said Oconee County Sheriff Scott Berry.

According to the report, Acholes drove through the front lawn of UNG to make a U-Turn and sped off down Bishop Farms Parkway towards Morgan County. Along the way, Acholes allegedly nearly collided with multiple vehicles travelling the road as he evaded police. Once he reached the entrance lane for 441 South, Acholes allegedly drove on the wrong side of the road.

“While traveling down Highway 441, I witnessed the driver place his vehicle in the opposite lane of travel in a no passing zone in order to pass vehicles,” wrote Deputy Higginbotham. “The driver passed into oncoming traffic nearly making contact with multiple vehicles. After going through Bishop, I was unable to keep visual contact with the vehicle due to its speed and his disregard to the safety of other drivers on the road. Although officers lost sight of Acholes and Ambroise, two individuals flagged down police and signaled that the fleeing duo had turned down Branch Road.  According to reports, Acholes hit a tree on Branch Road while trying to avoid another police vehicle.  Despite damage to the passenger’s side, Acholes ran the stop sign crossing onto Price Mill Road where the car crashed into a ditch due to driving at high speeds, according to reports.

Acholes allegedly still pressed on driving down Price Mill Road toward Morgan County.

“While traveling down the roadway, the vehicle began to loose parts of the vehicle and leak fluids,” wrote Higginbotham.

Acholes pulled onto the front lawn of a residence on Price Mill Road, damaging the yard. Acholes stopped the car and fled on foot from police, said reports. Ambroise remained in the car and was ordered to exit by Deputy Higginbotham. Ambroise reported cooperated and complied to the officer’s instructions. Ambroise was arrested at the scene. Acholes was apprehended a short time later by other officers not far from where he abandoned the vehicle.

Officers found a bag containing “suspected burnt marijuana.” During the chase, a citizen who witnessed part of the chase, called dispatch to report he saw the suspects throw a number of checks out of the window. Police recovered five fraudulent checks in the name of Ambroise under $1,500 and one check for over $1500.  Acholes was taken to Athens Regional Hospital to be examined for an apparent knee injury he incurred during the chase. Both Acholes and Ambroise were taken to the Oconee County Jail and charged with a total of 16 offenses. Those charges were driving while not licensed, failure to maintain lane, traveling on the wrong side of the road, reckless driving. Failure to stop at a stop sign, feeling and attempting to elude law enforcement officers, obstruction of law enforcement officers, failure to yield to an oncoming vehicle, possession of marijuana, criminal damage to property, forgery in the third degree, and forgery in the fourth degree five times. Seven Oconee County officers were involved in the chase and at least one Georgia State Trooper.

After the crash on Price Mill Road, Acholes was taken to Athens Regional to have a knee injury examined and then was immediately taken to jail and charged with 16 offenses, including forgery, evading police, possession of marijuana, reckless endangerment, damage to property, and obstructing.

“This was good police work and I am proud of the citizens who cooperated with us and the deputies that made the capture,” said Sheriff Berry.

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