Baker announces retirement from Morgan County Library

Tia Lynn Ivey Community

The Morgan County Library celebrated the career of Miriam Baker last week in honor of her retirement.  Baker, who worked as the library’s manager for the last 15 years, was beloved by her colleagues and played a pivotal role in the life of the library’s operations and programming. The library’s meeting room is being named after Baker to honor her legacy.

“I am so excited they decided to name the meeting room after me. It’s quite an honor,” said Baker. “It’s been my pleasure to work there for the last 15 years and I know that I am leaving the library in good hands.”

According to Steve Schaefer, who served on the Uncle Remus Regional Library System Board and as interim director of the Morgan County Library, Baker went above and beyond the average library manager’s role, even participating in the design process of the new library back in 2009.

“Miriam is self-motivated and a go-getter. She’s always full of creative and clever ideas to bring in programs and events for the library,” said Schaefer. “She meant a lot particularly during the construction era of the Morgan County Library.  She was involved more than usual because of a transition of leadership at the time—that leadership gap was filled very well by Miriam. One thing about Miriam is that you didn’t have to worry much about her. She ran her own ship and a very tight ship at that.”

Baker is planning to take advantage of her retirement. She has already visited San Francisco and Hawaii.

“That is only the beginning,” said Baker.

“I have been so fortunate in Morgan County. Our funding agency, the county commissioners, always made sure to take care of our needs at the library. I am going to miss it.”

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