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The $35 million hospital replacement project is moving full steam ahead. With the Morgan Memorial Hospital Authority  (MMHA) $4 million into construction phase, the long awaited new hospital is finally underway—reaching a 20 percent completion milestone. In coming days and weeks, the public will be able to see “the bones” of the new hospital taking shape along the Madison bypass, in between the Bethany Road Exchange and Highway 441.

“A new hospital for the citizens of Morgan County is a project that has been in the works for over a decade,” said MMH CEO Ralph Castillo. “Our patients deserve quality care locally with all of the services that a modern facility will enable.  Our staff members are dedicated to becoming a ‘patient focused center of excellence’ and this facility will help make that vision a reality.” 

“A new hospital is vital for the continued success of our community, both economically and for the quality of life of our local citizens,” sais John Moore, MMHA Chairman. “ We have been determined to give the citizens the facility they deserve and are pleased that the project continues to move forward on time and on budget.” 

Hospital leaders held a ground breaking ceremony in mid-September. Just four months later, the site of the new hospital has been prepped and is daily being transformed.

“The building is divided into five different areas that vary in regards to the stage that they are in,” explained Megan Morris, director of public relations and community development for MMH.   “Currently footings have been poured in all areas, two areas have the slab poured and one area has steel being erected.  As more of the steel is erected the progress will be much more evident to passersby.” 

According to Morris, the main work to be done next is erecting the rest of the steel frames for the new hospital.

While hospital leaders and staff are excited to transition into the new hospital, the focus remains on providing quality healthcare for MMH’s current patients.

“Leadership is in constant communication with the project team and everything is going smoothly.  While the construction is underway, employees are focusing on putting systems in place in our current facility to ensure a more seamless transition for our patients,” said Morris.     

According to Morris, the construction phase is meeting the anticipated timeline.

“The project is proceeding as expected.  We’ve been fortunate that the weather for the most part has been dry since groundbreaking so construction has not experienced any real delays,” said Morris.   “If the weather cooperates until we can get under roof, we see no reason why the project won’t continue on the planned timeline.  The construction is expected to be complete by the first of December 2018.  We anticipate seeing patients in the new facility during the early months of 2019.”

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