Madison Police Department

Madison Police Department

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On Jan. 6 a theft by shoplifting complaint was filed at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Eatonton Road. According to reports, an employee said that a thin white male wearing black pants, a blue jacket and a baseball cap entered the store with a heavy set white female wearing a purple sweater and white jeans. Reports state that the employee alleged the man left the store with a bulge in his jacket and the woman left the store with three unknown brand bath towels stuffed inside her jacket and a County Living bed sheet stuffed inside her carrying bag. Employees were able to secure a license tag number of the gold of tan GMC Envoy the couple used to leave the store. An officer reviewed video surveillance and identified the heavy set woman who allegedly took the items without paying.

On Jan. 5 a burglary complaint was filed at a Maple St. residence. According to reports, a woman said someone removed a rear bedroom window air conditioner and entered her bedroom and then removed her 60” Samsung smart TV. The television is valued at $1,000, reports state.

On Jan. 3 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Fifth St. residence. According to reports, a man said after he completed blowing his yard, he left his Husqvarna blower on the front porch of the residence. The man said two hours later he noticed that the $250 blower was gone.

On Jan. 3 a stalking complaint was filed at a Eatonton Road location. According to reports, a woman said her estranged boyfriend had sent her several threatening text messages from multiple phones. The complainant said she had been having difficulty obtaining a temporary protective order against the man. The woman showed an officer a text that said “You are the dumbest (expletive)… (a person) and I have watched you for days. This gun is gettin (sic) ready to blow your brains out. You should remember that I don’t play around (victim’s name). I hope you enjoy work today. Stay warm with that’s (sic) blue sweatshirt and them boots on this morning. It’s gonna be a cold day.” The complainant alleged that the man often returns to guns in his texts and that fellow employees have to routinely walk her to and from her vehicle for safety.

On Jan. 2 a burglary complaint was filed at a Commerce St. residence. According to reports, a man reported that someone had damaged a window above an air conditioner but that nothing in the residence appeared to be missing. The man said that, however, someone had removed a shed door from its hinges and taken a Stihl chainsaw, two paintball guns and a socket wrench from the building. A punching bag has also been taken.

On Dec. 30 a burglary complaint was filed at Variety Works, West Washington St. According to reports, a man said someone entered a storage area and removed two LED lights and a shop vacuum.

On Dec. 31 Marcus Q. Shaffer, 44, Decatur was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, less than an ounce, no insurance and operating a vehicle with suspended registration. According to reports, an officer conducting traffic detail on Eatonton Road ran the tag of a vehicle Shaffer was allegedly driving. The tag returned as having no valid insurance and suspended registration. Consequent to a traffic stop and officer reported smelling the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. An officer reported observed raw marijuana in the vehicle and located a torn plastic bag containing suspected marijuana on Shaffer’s person.

On Dec. 30 a simple assault complaint was filed at a Micha Way residence. According to reports, a man said he was sitting in a chair in the living room while another man vacuumed the room. The man asked the complainant to move and the man allegedly gave the man running the vacuum a “strange look.” The man running the vacuum then became enraged and buffeted the complainant about the head and shoulders with his fists. An officer noted that the complainant had dried blood on his face but declined seeking prosecution, in part, because the man running the vacuum is currently on parole.

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