Two years of championship teams honored

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The past several seasons have gone into the history books as the greatest run ever seen since Morgan County started playing boys’ basketball.  However, there were those teams in years gone by that paved the way for the teams of the 2010’s.  Two of those teams were honored between games last Friday at the Monroe Area vs. Morgan County contest.

This year’s squad took notice as the classes of 1986 and 1990 were introduced to the applause of those fans that could recall their accomplishments and play on the court.  They set the standard for future players to live up to and will always be remembered for their contributions to the sport.  It was in the “Old Gym” that these former Bulldog greats plied their trade under the tutelage of the Greatest Basketball Coach to roam the sidelines at MCHS.  The legendary Donald Harris guided these two squads to the Championship Game in 1986 and the Final Four in 1990.  The Coach talked about his “boys” with pride as he brought back those days with sincerity and humor.  His players loved it.

Before they were introduced all the guys gathered in a room near the court.  There were photos taken, poses made, and jokes that brought raucous laughter loud enough to be heard over the din of the girls’ contest being played.  When asked what all the ruckus was about they said, “We were talking junk.”  You could tell they were in their element and enjoying every moment of being remembered.  And so did their fans.

At the end of the ceremony the captains of those teams, Rob Elder (1986), Denny Wyatt (1986), Columbus Ballard (1990), and Dennis Weaver (1990) presented Coach Harris with a team ball signed by all the players and the three teams posed together for a photo of singularity.  Once a Dog, Always a Dog!

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