Back in High Cotton in MOCO

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Momma! Why in the Sam Hill are you callin’ me before the sun’s even… Whaaaat? Are you tippin’ the White Lightenin’? Hold on and  let me look outside. Glory Glory Halleluiah Boy Howdy! Momma that ain’t no snow! It’s High Cotton and it’s on every patch of yard!

Let me call my Morgan County sources and call you back. Momma! High Cotton’s done sprung up all over Morgan County, and it’s all over Newton, Walton and Jasper too! Somebody call John Ruark over in Bostwick!

It’s time to fire up that cotton gin again! Momma! We’re in High Cotton ‘cause those boys over on the Joint Development Authority of Newton, Morgan, Jasper, Walton counties have landed another big corporate fish!

Why our little region of the world is fixin’ boom! Prosperity, blue skies!  Yes!

Ok so here’s the net-net: The Joint Development Authority of Jasper, Morgan,  Newton and Walton (JDA) caught a whopper in Stanton Springs! Good Golly Gracious!

It’s called Facebook, Inc. and weighs a whoppin’ $42 BILLION … That’s Billion with a B!

The best part is that Morgan County’s very own Alan Verner (JDA Chairman) and Andy Ainslie (JDA Board Member) played a huge part in makin’ it all happen!  Congrats gentlemen!

Y’all make Morgan County Proud!

Y’all can read all the details in this week’s story on the front page!

I mean there’s a powerful energy in the air!

Can’t you feel it? Yes! What a thrillin’ time to be alive in Morgan County! We have a beautiful new hospital going up as we speak!

A state-of-the-art College & Career Academy is being constructed right now! Our tourism dollars are increasing substantially! Honey Morgan County is The Place To Be! To be sure . . . we’re in High Cotton y’all!

Y’all need to read all about what happens in your community and in our Morgan County trade area in your locally, family owned Morgan County Citizen!

Oh and when you want to step outside the county, check out the beautiful Lake Oconee Living Magazine, which is all based right here in Morgan County.

Speakin’ of Lake Oconee Living, this issue’s cover is among our most beautiful ever produced!

It features none other than Madison’s Savannah Duan modeling as a bride.

She’s featured in a story about her momma’s (Hallie Duan) amazing event facility called Empire Mills located at 1290 Pennington Road in Madison.

Y’all pick up your Lake Oconee Living magazine today and read all about how Hallie’s inspiration and talent turned the old Empire Cotton Oil Mill into fabulous Empire Mills, one of our region’s most beautiful event venues!

Yikes! I flat near forgot! Steffen Thomas Museum of Art Board Member Alice Lee Andreottola is gonna to beat me with a stick if I don’t remind y’all that the museum is hostin’ a Mardi Gras Ball at Empire Mills this Saturday, Feb. 5 from 7 p.m.  until 10:30 p.m.

This is a fun fundraiser event if there ever was one! Momma’s already workin’ on her mask!

That’s it for the Biz on Buzz y’all. And remember this: your local newspaper MATTERS!

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