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On Jan. 28 a stalking and criminal trespass complaint was filed at Budget Inn, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a woman alleged that a man with whom she had known for three weeks but was not romantically involved asked if he could stay in her room while he waited for a ride. The woman agreed and gave the man a key while she went to work. Reports state that the man called the woman at work and asked if he could stay the night. The woman said she refused the request and that the man then came to her waitressing job and made a scene in front of customers and her employers and law enforcement was called to separate the two. The woman said she did not return to her room that night but instead stayed with a friend. The next morning the woman went to the room and observed that the man had written “derogatory and sexually explicit messages” on two wall mirrors with a permanent marker. The man also left the woman a letter taped to the back of the door that, she said, accused her of doing methamphetamine and being sexually promiscuous. The man threatened to have the woman arrested.

On Jan. 26 Artesgus Sintrell Ward, 19, of Buckhead was arrested and charged with shoplifting. According to reports, Ward allegedly took a four foot charging cable from Ingles while he was employed at the store. The cable is valued at $8.

On Jan. 27 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at Budget Inn, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a man alleged that two teens that live at the Budget Inn punctured a rear tire on his 2003 Ford Taurus. An officer observed five puncture marks on the tire.

On Jan. 23 a theft by shoplifting complaint was filed at Wal Mart, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a black male with multiple tattoos on his face entered the store and then took a $298 Hover Board and left the store without paying. Reports state that the man was stopped at the door by a greeter but fled the area in a silver sedan.

On Jan. 27 Lesley Garcia-Lamas, 19, Marietta was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, less than an ounce and speeding. According to reports,Garcia-Lamas was stopped on Interstate 20 for allegedly driving 91 mph in a 70 mph zone. Consequent to the stop an officer noted he smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle and Garcia-Lamas told the officer that there was a small bag of suspected marijuana in the glove box.

On Jan. 25 a fraud complaint was filed at the Madison Police Department. According to reports, a woman came to the office and said that someone had used her Bank of Madison checking account information to make a purchase of $211.86 at a Wal Mart in Greer, S.C. and a $32.71 purchase at a Wal Mart in Chattanooga, Tenn.

On Jan. 25 an information report was filed at Madison Town Park, West Jefferson Street. According to reports, officers were dispatched to the park regarding a grass fire. A landscape employee said he had observed teens light a grass fire in the northwest corner of the park. Madison Fire Department employees extinguished the fire. Officers located nine teens in the Madison Cemetery. One of the teens said he had lit a piece of paper on fire and then dropped it in the grass. A second teen said after the fire started he called 911, reported it and then ran.

On Jan. 12 James Williams, 29, Milledgville was arrested and charged with reckless driving, failure to maintain lane and driving too fast for conditions. According to reports, Williams was arrested after he allegedly attempted to pass a vehicle on the right side of the road on U.S. 441 near Morris Wrecker. Reports state that Williams failed in the attempt and, instead, struck an embankment to a paved driveway and went 88 feet in the air. The vehicle slid 188 feet on wet grass and another 111 feet on gravel before coming to a stop. After the wreck, reports state, Williams was allegedly combative and cursing at Morris Wrecker employees. He then walked into Madison Rental and asked to use the bathroom. An officer reported that he smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle and he tracked Williams down to Madison Rental but, employees said, as soon as Williams walked into the bathroom he immediately flushed the toilet and walked out.

On Jan. 19 a theft of services complaint was filed at a Village Road, Valley Farms location. According to reports, a city of Madison employee alleged that a builder at their subdivision was currently building several new homes and was using city water without applying for a water tap at the construction site. On Jan. 11 an illegal connection to the city’s water line was discovered, reports state, and a utility employee removed the connection and placed a lock on the connection to prevent further water use. On Jan. 18 a second utility worker noticed that the lock had been removed and a second illegal connection had been made on the line. Another lock was placed on the connection. On Jan. 19 a city ordinance officer and utility worker went to the subdivision and spoke with the builder who acknowledged that he was aware of the illegal connections. The builder was cited and was advised that he needed to obtain a water tap before he used city water.

On Jan. 19 a burglary complaint was filed at Hibbett’s Sports, Eatonton Road. According to reports, an officer responded to Hibbett’s and observed that someone had shattered a front window with a piece of asphalt. An officer searched the area and located a small black and grey hoodie on the left side of the Ingle’s grocery store that had been taken from Hibbett’s. A store employee also advised that other items were missing. An officer was able to obtain several surveillance video of the thefts.

They show two individuals taking items from the store and running across the parking lot towards Eatonton Road.

On Jan. 19 Willie Mantrell Jones, 39, Madison was arrested and charged with obstruction. According to reports, officers were dispatched to the Budget Inn, Eatonton Road in response to complaints of someone knocking on doors and demanding money. When officers arrived to investigate the complaint they observed Jones and, reports state, an officer allegedly knew Jones had outstanding warrants against him. As the officers were attempting to secure Jones he allegedly became combative and an officer tased Jones three times attempting to get control. Jones was eventually secured. Reports state that Jones has five misdemeanor and one felony warrant against him.

On Jan. 20 a fraudulent mail complaint was filed at a Harper Court residence. According to reports, a man said his mother had received three statements from a debt collector for checks passed at two different Lowe’s locations. The man said neither he nor his mother had written checks at either of the stores.

On Jan. 20 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at Morgan County Library, East Avenue. According to reports, a man said someone had shattered the rear passenger window of his 2015 Nissan Sentra. The window was shattered but intact.

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