Local schools above average in state ranking

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By Sarah Wibell

staff writer

Morgan County schools rank above the state average, according to the College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) report for 2017 that focuses on students, literacy, and cross-school communication within the Morgan County Board of Education.

The CCRPI, an academic accountability system of the Georgia Department of Education, evaluates schools using a points system with a maximum potential of 110 points. Morgan County Elementary School received 83.4 – GA average 72.9, Morgan County Middle School 74.3 – GA average 73.0, and Morgan County High School earned 85.0 – GA average 77.0.

All three schools have shown an improvement over the CCRPI’s 2016 assessment.

Chip Meyer, Assessment and Accountability Coordinator for the Morgan County Board of Education, commented on the results.

“It is a number, but it’s not what drives us.

It’s really the students and the work done in the classroom that is the most important piece.”

The CCRPI assesses schools in four main categories: achievement (70 points), progress (15 points), achievement gap (15 points), and challenge (10 points).

“Achievement” takes into account mastery of content learned in classrooms, post high school readiness, and graduation rates. “Progress” is measured through growth of schools and academic improvement through state and national testing.

“Achievement gap,” on the other hand, refers to the lowest 25 percent of a school’s students test scores compared to the state average, and points are given in this category depending on the gap size and the ability to successfully reduce that gap.

Finally, the “challenge” component envelops ability for exceeding the bar (ETB), number of English Language Learners (EL), economically disadvantaged (ED), and students with disabilities (SWD).

Morgan County’s middle and high schools also surpassed the state average for ETB points: MCMS 1.0 – GA average 0.8, and MCHS 1.0 – GA average 0.6. MCES was short of the average of 1.0 with 0.8.

Meyer said Morgan County schools have done quite well compared to other schools in the surrounding area and have been making steady gains across the district for several years.

Morgan County analyzes data garnered from assessments like the CCRPI in order to improve.

Additionally, the local school system utilizes monthly impact checks year-round, adjusts course planning as needed through data-driven decisions, and holds a data summit in the summer.

A concerted effort over the past few years to improve literacy and strengthen cross-school communication in Morgan County has led to an improvement in students’ academic success.

Morgan County’s Board of Education has begun “looking at what’s happening vertically from grade to grade and school to school across the district,” explains Jean Triplett, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning.

This “vertical conversation” allows teachers in MCHS to talk to educators in MCMS and so on to collaboratively work on filling in any gaps in student learning as the students transition from one grade to the next.

Triplett commented that “focused improvement goals and initiatives” are making a difference in all academic results.

For more information about the CCRPI, visit

For more information on Morgan County schools, the Morgan County Charter School System Annual Report 2017 published by the Morgan County Board of Education is currently available to the public as a booklet that can be picked up at the Board of Education’s office and will be available at Morgan County schools.

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