Teen flu death prompts local family to establish ‘Go Fund Me’

Tia Lynn Ivey News

A Morgan County Family related to the Georgia teen who died suddenly of the flu in January has launched a fundraiser to help cover the costs of her funeral.

Nikki Guinn of Madison started the fundraiser for her cousin Kira Molina, 15, of Newnan, Ga., who went into liver failure and died due to complications arising from influenza. According to the family, Kira went to bed Sunday night after showing some improvements, but went into organ failure during the night and could not be awaken up the next morning.

“She got sick on Thursday, Jan. 25, and her mom took her to the doctor, where she tested negative for the flu. She seemed to be doing better, but was still under the weather,” said Nikki Guinn.

When Kira’s mother, Terri Molina, found her unresponsive on Monday morning. “She was rushed to a local hospital and then sent to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, where she tested positive for the flu. They found she was in liver failure. The flu did so much damage so quickly. They had a liver ready for her, but they needed to stabilize her, which never happened,” lamented Guinn. “The night before she passed, it was touch and go. Eventually, her body just couldn’t take it, and she passed away Tuesday morning. Her family was in shock. She went to bed Sunday night and never woke up. There were no goodbyes.”

The unthinkable tragedy has shaken Kira’s family to the core who are now struggling to pay for their daughter’s funeral costs. Guinn set up a Youcaring page for the family in hopes of raising $15,000. So far, over $10,000 has been raised for the family. “Kira was a fun loving 15-year-old, who attended Newnan High School. She was born to Mike and Terri Molina on April 10, 2002. She has one sister, Chloe, who is 11-years-old,’ said Guinn.

“Kira’s family wanted everyone to know how serious this can be. Don’t wait a day or two if there a symptoms and be diligent. Kira would have turned 16 this year.”

To donate to the Molina family, visit: www.youcaring.com/mikeandterrimolina-1084615.

“We are so grateful for all the donations and to all those who are sharing her page.

Every little bit helps,” said Guinn. “Kira has several family members here in Morgan County. We are thankful for the prayers and condolences.”

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