Morgan County Sheriff's Department

Morgan County Sheriff’s Department

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On Feb. 18 a damage to property complaint was filed at a Lion’s Club Road location. According to reports, a man said while he was traveling north on Lion’s Club Road a shovel fell off a trailer being hauled in front of him. The shovel, the man said, struck his 2008 Ford F250 on the hood and windshield. The complainant estimated the damage at $1,000.

On Feb. 17 an unruly juvenile complaint was filed at a Speed Lane residence. According to reports, a couple said their daughter had gone to a skating rink and had called and requested to spend the night with a friend. The couple said they denied the request, in part, because they did not know the friend or the parents. Later, a man called the parents and allegedly pretended to the the father of the friend. The couple told officers that they felt something was wrong and went to the Buckhead Road residence of the friend that their daughter was allegedly staying with. The parents of the friend told the couple that their daughter had said she was staying with the complainants. When an officer arrived at the Buckhead residence a 19-year-old male who allegedly made the false call was at the residence with the 14-year-old and 15-year-old girls and told officers he was not aware that the girls were underage and “said they were just going to get some dinner.” The parents elected not to press charges against the male and he left the area to allegedly return to his  Walton County residence.

On Feb. 18 a damage to property complaint was filed at a Old Buckhead Road, Buckhead location. According to reports, a man said as he was driving his 1992 Ford F250 truck with a camper under the railroad bridge the top of his camper struck the bridge, tearing off his air conditioning unit and television antenna.

On Feb. 17 a simple battery complaint was filed at a Sandy Creek Road residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that a neighbor pushed her 7-year-old son to the ground, kicked his chest and said, “Stop you little (expletive), stay down.” A woman who allegedly also observed the altercation disputed the account and said that the neighbor had been trying to get the complainant’s son to stop throwing rocks at others and when he spoke harshly to him the child “did not like how he was being told to stop and became upset.”

On Feb. 15 Jasheen Saquan Jones, 26, Ladson, S.C. was arrested and charged with speeding, driving with a suspended license, theft by receiving stolen property and theft by receving stolen property and bringing it across a state line. Demarkus Antwan Thorne, 28, North Charleston, S.C. and Lawrence Leondard Lee, 27, Goose Creek, S.C. were both charged with theft by receiving stolen property and theft by receiving stolen property by bringing it across state lines. According to reports, a rental Ford F150 allegedly driven by Jones was stopped for allegedly going 107 mph on Interstate 20 by a Morgan County Sheriff’s Office deputy. Consequent to the stop, reports state, a deputy located two handguns in the center console of the vehicle. One of the handguns was reported stolen out of Charleston, S.C.

On Feb. 16 an information report was filed at a Seven Islands Road resdience. According to reports, a woman said her 33-year-old son and his 34-year-old girlfriend will not leave the residence even though the complainant has an order from Morgan County Magistrate Court to vacate the house by Feb. 8. The woman said the son and girlfriend do drugs in the house and argue. She is concerned, in part she said, because she is taking care of her son’s child.

On Feb. 16 an information report was filed at a Ponder Pines Road residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that someone other than her had shaved her cat. The woman said she noticed the cat was shaved on its stomach and between its back legs. The woman showed a deputy photographs of the shaved cat and also stated that several weeks ago her dog came home after being outside all day and she noticed someone had given the dog a bath. The deputy told the woman he would set up extra patrol in the area.

On Feb. 16 Bruce Gordan Panter, 31, Milledgeville was arrested and charged with DUI, prescription drugs not in original container and failure to maintain lane. According to reports, a deputy was dispatched to Eatonton Road in regards to a reckless driver. When a deputy arrived driving south on Eatonton Road he observed a blue Honda CR-V driving north towards Madison swerve over a center lane and then cross to the fog line. A vehicle behind the Honda flashed its lights to indicate to the deputy that the Honda was the vehicle that was reported to dispatch.

The deputy eventually stopped the Honda, driven by Panter. Consequent to the stop an officer alleged found a black bag that contained various pills with some prescribed to Panter. The pills included Alprazolam, Ciralopram, Aleve, Xanax and Methimazole.

On Feb. 15 a burglary complaint was filed at a Fairplay Road residence. According to reports, a woman said when she returned to the Fairplay Road residence to continue moving items to a new residence she noticed someone had taken a armoire from a barn. The complainant said she was sure her former sister-in-law had taken the furniture.

The former sister-in-law told a deputy that she had purchased the armoire six years ago but had no place to store it. She said she purchased it from her father and after she saw it for sale on Facebook she sent her father to the residence to retrieve the item before it could be sold.

On Feb. 13 Bennie Lee Parker, 30, Madison was arrested and charged with obstruction and driving while unlicensed. According to reports, a deputy with prior knowledge taht Parker was unlicensed allegedly saw him driving a silver Nissan on Lion’s Club Road. When the deputy attempted to make a traffic stop, reports state, Parker allegedly jumped from the vehicle and left the vehicle in drive and ran.

The vehicle stopped when it reached a ditch and a second deputy arrived and Parker was apprehended.

On Feb. 13 Matthew Lee Giles, 25, Madison was arrested and charged with battery.

According to reports, Giles was arrested after an argument over laundry allegedly led him to punch a woman several times in the face and shoulder.

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