Reynolds charged after woman beaten

Patrick Yost News

A Morgan County man faces several charges including false imprisonment and aggravated assault after he allegedly held a 61-year-old woman against her will in her Brownwood Road residence.

Kenneth Lamar Reynolds, 43, Madison. was arrested on Sunday, Feb. 18 around 6 p.m. after Morgan County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Brian Collins arrived at the Brownwood Road residence. Authorities had been called by a neighbor who reported that Reynolds was at the residence, despite being served a no trespass notice approximately one month ago.

Reports state that the neighbor reported he could hear things being broken in the house when he called authorities. Sgt. Collins arrived and, reports state, spoke with Reynolds through a sliding glass door. Reynolds refused to come out of the residence and Sgt. Collins stated that he opened the door and grabbed Reynolds by the back of a hoodie he was wearing and threw him face down on the front porch. Reynolds was then detained with handcuffs. Collins then made contact with the victim who told the officer that Reynolds had arrived at the residence at approximately 9 a.m. He told the woman that he had parked his van at the Quick Stop on Confederate Road and walked to the residence so no one would recognize his vehicle. Officers located the van at the store and had it impounded.

The woman alleged that while Reynolds was at her residence she told Reynolds to leave and he said “he was not leaving because he went to a lot of trouble to see her.” She also said that he became angry and “started beating her, throwing and breaking things and refused to let her leave the bedroom,” reports state.

The woman alleged that Reynolds beat her on her head, choked her, grabbed her wrists and threw her down. She also alleged that he broke an antique bowl, a television, threw a bed around the room and knocked holes in the wall.  The woman said she was currently using a walker to get around after having ankle surgery and Reynolds broke her walker. He also allegedly told her, reports state, “if you or anyone else calls the police, I will kill you.”

The woman has visible injuries on her head, right hip, throat, arms, wrists and back but refused to be transported to the hospital by EMS.

Reynolds has been charged with false imprisonment, aggravated assault, criminal damage to property and criminal trespass.

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