All student art show a success

Tia Lynn Ivey Community, Featured


Morgan County students summoned all of their creative juices for this year’s “A Funky Little Art Thing,” (AFLAT), the annual system-wide eclectic art exhibit at the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center (MMCC).

“These kids amaze me every year,” said Ty Manning, art teacher at MCHS. “The art came pouring in as it does every year. They really came up with some incredible stuff this year.”

AFLAT has been a community favorite for more than 15 years.

Parents, friends, and community members explored the extensive exhibit during the opening reception last Thursday as Morgan County’s burgeoning student artists proudly stood alongside their work.

The exhibit featured over 1,000 pieces of art incorporating a myriad of styles. Attendees admired drawings, paintings, sculptures, textural canvases, digital art, pottery, and more. This was the first year that teachers contributed artwork to the exhibit, too.

Morgan County High School (MCHS) Senior Claudia Sims won a $500 scholarship from the Madison Artists Guild (MAG), awarded by Karen Strelecki. MCHS Junior Gracie Williams’s art piece was selected by State Representative Dave Belton to be hung in the Capitol Building in Atlanta for an entire years.

According to the MMCC, about 750 people came through the AFLAT reception this year.

“Having art shows is an important part of the art world,” said Manning. “It gets artists the recognition they need and deserve. Good feedback helps their future art. Praise and recognition fuel their passion for creating. Without art exhibitions, true growth can be hindered. Plus, art shows are a great way to show off what students have learned over the year. Show and tell. It builds pride in students and in their parents. That is one of my favorite things to watch for at AFLAT—seeing students looking proud and parents taking their picture. Warm and fuzzy feelings for all.”

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