Teen to be charged with Park armed robbery

Patrick Yost News

Madison Police Department investigators on Monday, Feb. 26, secured an armed robbery warrant against a 16-year-old male suspected in the theft of a Dell laptop from another teen.

According to Det. Wes Thompson, Madison Police Department, the warrants were secured from a Superior Court Judge.

Thompson said the charge relates to an alleged theft that occurred on Jan. 14 at Madison’s Town Park.

Incident reports allege that sometime between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. the suspect attempted to “borrow” the laptop computer from another teen. The teen refused, reports state, and “when the victim refused the offender produced a handgun.”

Thompson said the handgun may have been a bb gun or pellet pistol, however, authorities have not recovered the weapon.

The victim waited three weeks before notifying police, Thompson said. “He was scared and embarrassed.”

Thompson said the delay in reporting the incident both makes it difficult to investigate and could, perhaps, put other people in danger. “Always report a crime, especially one involving violence or the threat of violence, as soon as possible,” he said.

“There’s always the chance the same perpetrator will attempt the same crime on another victim.”

Based on the charge, Thompson said, the suspect may be tried as an adult in Superior Court.

The suspect released the laptop to authorities, and it has been returned to the teen. The victim is a student at Morgan County High School and was able to identify the suspect.

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