Middle school student brings gun to school

Patrick Yost News

In a letter to parents on Tuesday Morgan County Superintendent of Schools Dr. James Woodard stated that on Tuesday administrators at the school removed an unloaded weapon from a student at Morgan County Middle School (MCMS).

In the letter, Dr. Woodard states that “MCMS administration received a tip this afternoon from a student that another student may have a weapon in his book bag. After a search was conducted, a handgun was found.  The gun was not loaded and no ammunition was found.  The student has been taken into custody for law enforcement to handle.  We know of no current threat to the safety of students at MCMS.”

Dr. Woodard said the school system was also sending an automatic mesage to parents to inform them of the situation.

“We  are thankful for the  awareness and vigilance of our students and teachers in helping us keep our schools safe,” Woodard’s statement reads.

Woodward said the weapon, a .22 pistol, was found in a male student’s bookbag.

Chief Deputy Keith Howard, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, said the student was 16-years-old and is in the eighth grade. He said when approached the student readily gave administrators the handgun.

“We don’t see any intent that he came to school to harm anyone,” Howard said.

Howard said authorities believe the student showed the pistol to several students before he was approached by administrators. The weapon came from the teen’s family home, Howard said.

The teen on Tuesday was detained by Morgan County authorities and faces a charge of carrying a weapon on school grounds.

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