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A local art teacher was celebrated last weekend in Athens at a trendy coffee bar, Hendershots. Hendershots displayed a “very personal” collection of art created by Ty Manning, a Morgan County High School (MCHS) art teacher, for an entire month before holding a closing reception last Saturday, selling off Manning’s art. Manning sold 8 of the 12 paintings available and performed with his band, the Slawdog Biscuits.

“The nigh was awesome,” said Manning. “I made enough money to finance buying vinyl records for his new album, set to be released on June 15.

Manning was touched that so many of his loved ones came out Saturday night to support his work.

“My entire family drove from all over Georgia to get there,” said Manning. Some of Manning’s friends even joined in the musical performance. “I had a bunch of guests sitting in: Gnarly G on Sax, Lydie Omesiete (the MCHS chorus teacher) on vocals, Bo Hembree on guitar, Adam Payne of Dangfly! on vocals and my mama even sang one with me!”

“The best part was that we played the record in order and people seemed to like it! I cannot wait to release it!” said Manning.

Manning describes his music as “country with a rock and roll attitude.”

The collection of art featured in this Saturday’s show was a deeply personal homage pas to Manning’s musical heroes. There were 12 painted portraits of famous musicians, including Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Leon Russell, Waylon Jennings, Tom Petty, Elvis, Duane and Greg Allman, Janis Joplin, and Jerry Garcia. Also on display, is a painting of his own home in Buckhead, Ga. Manning sold prints of the artwork as well as auctioning off the originals.

“This is very personal for me,” said Manning. “I love collage and I love music. So, I decided to collage sheet music and do ink wash paintings of my musical heroes.”

Manning spends most of his time teaching children how to create art and, for some, time neglected to create art himself.

“I teach art during the day and the last thing I want to do when I get home is do art, so music became my escape from my day job,” said Manning.  “But I am always preaching to kids about how they should do it, so I actually decided to practice what I preach.”

Manning used last Christmas break to create the artwork displayed at Hendershots.

All proceeds from the event will help fund Manning’s latest musical record, entitled “Empty House,” which is slated for release on June 15.

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