Arts Extravaganza

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Over 500 students from K-12 showcased the arts through music, dance, theatre, and, yes, art during the 2018 Unity through the Arts Extravaganza. People from the community watched the free event that took place in the new Morgan County High School Gymnasium April 3.

“It was a packed house! It was awesome!” Karisa Seymour, Morgan County Middle School (MCMS) band director, shared. “One of the great things about art is that you give of yourself to others and find satisfaction because it is not just an individual thing.”

Seymour, who came up with the idea for this cross-curriculum event, worked with other teachers and students throughout the Morgan County School System to make this performance possible.

The prism concert took over a year of planning.

MCMS Chorus Teacher Carisa Elam noted, “This event highlights collaborative work. I can’t think of another thing around here when it’s a single event with all arts across the board. I think it’s good for the students; little kids get to look and see what they can do, and the older students can look back and be proud of all of their work.”

During the finale, students sang “We are the World” as they carried artwork shaped as different continents through an ocean of blue t-shirts.

“We appreciate the community’s support. It doesn’t go unnoticed, and the kids feel that our programs are valued,” Seymour stated. “People can support the arts through the One Morgan Capital Campaign by buying seats for the new high school auditorium, which would then have their names on them.”

Morgan County High School Principal Dr. Mikki Edwards said, “What an awesome evening! When planning, talent, coordination, and a love of the Fine Arts come together with several hundreds of student performers, the results are absolutely amazing. Thank you so much to all of the teachers who dream big and work to create something for our students that they won’t forget. One Morgan!”

For more information on how to support the One Morgan Capital Campaign, go to:

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